15 AI Coins Exceed Q1-2024 Funding Targets - Part 1

The future is Al. Investors know this information, and because of this, the funding aspects of AI projects are massive.

As we look back at Q1- 2024, many Al coins have aced their funding goals. This showcases the significance of AI to investors and the potential of Al in the crypto space. This two-part article will explore the 15 AI coins that have successfully raised funds for innovative ideas, highlighting their success and unique features.

The Al Narrative

A narrative in crypto is a trend or story that makes a project stand out. Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been topping trends since 2028, and it made its way down to 2024. The growth of AI coins represents how technology has gained traction over the years. Al has proven itself in the crypto space, especially with the usefulness of AI tokens.

Beyond selling and taking trades, Al tokens have diverse use cases. For example, Al coins have been experiencing a surge in performance during their ICOs, IDOs, and Venture Capital rounds (fundraising).

You may be wondering why this is the case, but it’s no news that cryptocurrencies are constantly integrating Artificial Intelligence into several aspects of its ecosystem. So, we’ve made a list to give you early information about how the Al narrative responded in Q1-2024. 

1) Privasea Al network

Privasea is a fine combination of DEPIn and Al. Privasea ensures a more secure computing network. So, here’s the idea:

Investors are happy that Privasea wants to revolutionize AI. You may wonder how this is possible, but Al is one to shake things up. Privasea utilizes Fully Homomorphic Encryption Machine Learning (FHEML) to solve data privacy challenges.

Privasea just got a $5M fund in March 2024. The fund raised is a result of eminent players like Binance Labs, Gate Labs, and MH ventures alongside other top investors. With this funding, Privasea has expanded its user base. And it’s set to launch a decentralized application called ‘ImHuman.’

2) Solak GPT

Solak GPT is an Al protocol with an Al browser and a DeFi platform due to its integration of AI with DeFi. It is an interesting coin with a unique feature that can turn text into Non-fungible tokens (NFT). 

Solak also aced its funding goals for Q1-2024 with investors like DWE Labs, Oddiyana ventures, and IBC group officials.

3) Bluwhale AI

Bluwhale Al is a personalized Al platform. The whole idea behind Bluwhale is that you can control your profiles, monetize whatever you post, and get customized wallets. That’s not all.

BluWhale is set to reward you for using their platform by leveraging Al to get accurate information about your contributions and ensure your content gets to the right audience. That’s an intelligent plan for creators because getting content to the right eye is difficult.

Bluwhale raised $7M with notable support from SBI investments, Cardano, Momentum 6, and other top investors, all in March 2024.

4) Cellula Life

Cellula Life is an artificial life simulation game on-chain. By On-chain, we are referring to any data recorded on the blockchain. With Cellula, you can explore, evolve, and collect unique life forms.

Cellula came into existence due to an inspiration from Conway’s Game of Life. When playing this game, you’ll use genetic codes to make any life form you choose. Q1-2024 was a good time for Cellula as it also crossed its funding goals. It also got support from Notable investors like Binance Labs.

5) io.net

io.net is an Al blockchain startup with a decentralized computing network. It introduces GPUs for affordable machine-learning tasks. The introduction of GPUs addresses the issues related to centralized cloud services.

io.net raised $30M to run its activities with the backing of Solana Labs, Aptos Labs, and other top investors.

6) QnA3.AI

The Crypto space is vast to the extent that there are many tools for analysis. QnA3.Al is a tool that analyzes cryptocurrencies using data gathered from research.

To fund its activities, QnA3.Al raised funds with support from Binance Labs.

7) Sahara AI

With Sahara AI, you can create personalized and self-governing Al agents. Sahara rewards its contributors using Blockchain for accurate reward distribution. 

During the fundraising phase, Sahara got $6M with support from Top investors. Sequoia and Polychain Capital were the top investors.

8) PredX AI

PredX is an Al coin that utilizes Al features in predicting the market on the SEI network. This project allows you to share your views and get Al’s predictions for insights before buying a coin.

If you want to explore the market, this could be an excellent way to go about it. PredX made $0.5M in its Preseed phase in February 2024. Notable investors include Penrose and Mulana Capital.



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