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Which is the HOTTEST Chain at the moment? It is Coinbase’s Base. But this video is not about Base, it is about the biggest and quickest move that our favorite bridge Wanchain has made toward Base. 

This is going to play a very important role in the growth of the Base ecosystem just the way it has played an important role in the Cardano ecosystem. 

By now you know that all bridges are not equal. Some are incredibly limited in where you can send your coins. Some have suspected security or have been hacked before. Also, some end up giving you wrapped versions of your tokens instead of native versions. And then there is Wanchain. None of that nonsense. Just the bridging experience you need. Fast, secure, low-cost, and native tokens. Let us dive in.

New Integrations

As the leader in bridges, Wanchain adds a lot of value every time it integrates with a new chain. The XFlows service means that you can bridge native versions of the 4 most popular assets in crypto:

  • Bitcoin.
  • Ethereum.
  • USDC.
  • USDT.

And these are native versions where available like for the stablecoins. So when you move USDT from ETH to Polygon or Avalanche to Optimism, you end up with native USDT at the end.

This is super convenient for users who need native USDT on their destination chain for trading or other purposes. The bottom line is you get the native version of the crypto you need. And then you can use it however you want. Every new chain that Wanchain adds is just one more option to get the coins you want where you want them.

We already covered the biggest chain integration of the last couple of weeks.

Base Chain

It’s probably the biggest chain you haven’t heard of. Even though I know many of you have heard of it. You can thank Coinbase for that. Coinbase is throwing a lot of money and resources at this chain to make it a success.

You can bridge to and from Base to 9 other networks that Wanchain supports. This offers tons of flexibility, especially for Americans. Because Base is an independent blockchain that is part of Coinbase, that makes it the easiest Ethereum Layer 2 that Americans can access.

And this is a big deal. Americans often have limited options in crypto. Most Americans on-ramp to crypto using Coinbase. So they can easily access the Base Chain. From there, they can move crypto from Base to wherever they need for whatever they want. This convenience for Americans specifically is an important factor in this integration.

Financially, Americans are still leading the way. And if they can lead to more crypto adoption thanks to tools like Base Chain and the Wanchain Bridge, then we all benefit.


The Base Chain integration is big. And important. But it’s not the only integration going on. Wanchain is also integrating the Celo chain. Celo is an EVM chain working to become one of the most mobile-friendly blockchains. You can connect it to 8 other networks that Wanchain supports.

With both Celo and Base, they will be part of the USDC XFlows. Both chains support native issuance of USDC. Again, that’s a big deal and not just for Americans.

Celo is not just a carbon-neutral chain, either. It operates at over 1400 days of carbon negative. That’s pretty cool for those concerned about the environmental effects of technology. Like Base, Celo is or will be, an ETH Layer 2. They are in the conversion process from an EVM L1 to an Ethereum Layer 2.

We can see the writing on the wall. I’m sure you see it too. The main Ethereum chain is just not going to be able to sustain transaction growth over time. It can only scale with Layer 2 solutions like these. Bridges like Wanchain are vital for Layer 2s. Without them, you would have to bridge from L2 back to Ethereum and then from ETH to the EVM or Layer 2 that you want.

2 transactions. 2 gas fees. And one of those gas fees is on the more expensive ETH main chain. Why bother when you don’t have to? That’s what we say. And that’s what Wanchain says too.

Instead of using the Arbitrum Bridge back to ETH, and then going to Base, why not just go direct? With Wanchain you can. This one benefit alone saves so much time and money. It’s also why Wanchain has done nearly $1 billion in bridge volume.

The quality, speed, and effectiveness of Wanchain’s bridges are no longer a secret. They are the industry standard. Which bridge is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below.



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