According to findings, a significant factor to the rankings is the $25 million donations to the San Francisco State University by Ripple’s co-founder Chris Larsen.

Ripple’s head of global operations, Eric Van Miltenburg commented on the rankings via twitter saying:

“Proud of Ripple for earning recognition in the Bay Area for our social impact initiatives. Though it’s still early days, there’s a huge opportunity to give back.”

Other philanthropic activities in the crypto industry

Recently, TRON CEO Justin Sun donated $4.57 million to GLIDE Foundation, he donated a total of over $7.7 million towards charity in the FY2018-2019. In December 2018, TRON also partnered with Binance to donate over $100,000 towards Maltese Charity.

Some weeks ago, Binance Charity Foundation (BCF), a philanthropic foundation by Binance Chain, collaborated with more than 46 companies to jointly launch a stablecoin, Pink Care Token. The token is designed to help and promote feminine well-being in underdeveloped regions globally. Earlier in May, the charity foundation also raised over $200,000 to aid their “Child Welfare Programme.”

The crypto industry goals include breaking conventional barriers and providing the society with tools to eliminate the traditional monetary system dominated by the elite. Thus, striving for the unheard has been in the DNA of the industry, which makes philanthropic efforts reflect some aspects of what the crypto industry stands for. The philanthropic activities by these companies have shown that the world can be a better place with the aid of the crypto industry.


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