Uniswap Introduces Blast Swaps and Commemorative Zora Mint

This strategic move allows Uniswap users to execute swaps directly on Blast through the Uniswap web application.

Uniswap LPs can now earn a native yield on v2 positions through Blast’s rebasing.

Earning Yield on Uniswap v2 with Blast’s Rescaling

Blast integration significantly boosts Uniswap’s efficiency and flexibility, expanding its ecosystem. Blast enhances Uniswap with seamless, high-performance, cost-effective swaps.

Blast’s rebasing functionality adds native yield earning for Uniswap LPs on v2 positions. This introduces a new way for liquidity providers to benefit from their ecosystem contributions. This feature marks a DeFi milestone, giving LPs a unique chance to maximize returns in a new way. It boosts participation and investment in liquidity pools, enhancing Uniswap’s health and liquidity.

To celebrate this major platform upgrade, Uniswap is launching a commemorative mint on Zora. Collectors and Uniswap users can own a historical piece from this groundbreaking integration.

More About Uniswap

On March 31st, Uniswap achieved a remarkable milestone by surpassing $1 billion in transaction volume on Base. This achievement highlights Uniswap’s rising influence and user trust within the DeFi ecosystem.

Surpassing this significant volume threshold on Base reflects vibrant activity and robust participation from traders and liquidity providers. It marks a key moment of success and expansion for Uniswap in revolutionizing the DeFi landscape.

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