Wanchain is one of our favorite projects. They are the OG of bridges for the industry. Their bridges are the best in the business. And they have a big update that we want to share with you.

Let’s see what’s new with Wanchain

The Best Bridges

Wanchain already has the best bridges. Most importantly, they bridge the most popular assets easily. Their XFlows program means you can trade native versions of the 4 most popular assets

  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • USDC
  • And USDT

When you can get a native asset on your destination chain of choice, then you have real flexibility to do whatever you want. We’ve all seen examples where we need a native version of USDC or ETH and we ended up with a bridged or wrapped version that doesn’t help us get what we want.

And it’s frustrating when that happens.

But Wanchain’s XFlows mean you go from ETH to BSC or Optimism or Polygon and you get the native token in return. It’s the ultimate flexibility without sacrificing safety.

That’s why we say they are the best.

Base Integration

And now there is one more popular chain available on Wanchain’s bridges.

Base chain.

Many of you are not familiar with Base Chain. It’s Coinbase’s blockchain as a Layer 2 for Ethereum.

A really good comparison would be Binance’s BNB Smart Chain (BSC). Like BSC, Base is an EVM chain and it’s under Coinbase’s control. BSC is not a Layer 2 but the rest of the comparison is pretty close.

Questions about decentralization are rampant about the Base chain. So that’s something to be aware of. But that said, Base does not have its own token yet. And if you missed out on BNB and support for BSC early on, this might be your 2nd chance. If they issue one…..

Coinbase is throwing a ton of resources into this project. They are determined to make it successful.

Base is important in another way. Americans. Americans often on-ramp onto crypto using Coinbase. So Coinbase’s Base Chain is the easiest L2 for Americans to access. Being able to bridge in and out of Base Chain will make accessing the rest of the cryptosphere MUCH MUCH easier for Americans.

You can now use Wanchain’s great bridges to bridge into and out of Base Chain. Also, you can use Base Chain for bridging either ETH or USDC XFlows as well.

More on Base Chain

Thanks to Coinbase’s influence, Base might be the most popular chain you haven’t heard of. A recent Coingecko report shows global traffic into different blockchain ecosystems. And maybe this is not a surprise, but due to huge growth in memecoins Solana is the #1 chain and ecosystem by traffic. Almost half of the traffic so far in 2024, 49%, is going to Solana and its ecosystem. Ethereum at #2 has only 19% by comparison.

It’s literally Solana and everyone else. But look at this list in more detail. Base is #7 by traffic. It’s higher than TON, Polygon, Cardano, or Polkadot. It’s even higher than appchain favorites Sei and Injective.

Base is making waves and starting to have an impact industry-wide. Its impact on Americans being able to use a cheap, fast Layer 2 easily is something we cannot understate. Americans have so few options compared to all the rest of us so anything that helps them helps the entire industry.

We’ve seen with Wanchain that they are always looking to expand the reach of their #1 bridge network. Base was arguably the largest EVM network not already connected to Wanchain and its bridges. Was being the important word. Now with the full Base integration, you have just one more reason to use Wanchain and its bridges to get your money to the chain you want.


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