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Hello again,

This is a short update for AltcoinBuzz community speaks about Unibright! The biggest piece of news since I last wrote is the updated road map and details about customers, but below is a brief summary of what has been going on:

Roadmap update for 2019 and beyond – Now that the Unibright Framework is “product ready” and the roadmap outlined during the ICO is complete, a new roadmap has been produced. This new roadmap includes targets for tokens to be locked up, as well as development goals. For anyone who is not familiar with the Unibright token model, I definitely recommend reading the official and unofficial Token Model explanations. The roadmap blog post gives a good summary of what this means day to day for the team, as well as highlighting some of the clients they are currently working with. Two of the biggest mentions are the US-based Real Estate company (tokenization and cross-chain integration) and a German based food company, working on a complete transparent supply chain on the blockchain.

Founding member of INATBA – Unibright, as well as several other blockchain companies, start ups and banks, are founding members of this EU lead “International Association of trusted blockchain applications”. INATBA aims to promote the regulatory and business reforms needed to trigger widespread adoption of Blockchain, as well as providing significant networking opportunities for all companies involved.

Pedro Febrero interview with CTO Stefan Schmidt – Pedro did an excellent interview with Stefan for Coinrivet. It is really in-depth and informative, and I really like Pedro’s interview style. The format of a video and a write up that summarizes the key points. It is definitely worth watching, and it really gets across the vision of Unibright and their thinking about adoption and how they can become a leader in this space.

BlockchainBrad interview with Ruud –  Brad Laurie has done several videos about Unibright, and most recently did an interview with Ruud Huisman, who leads the Unibright Ambassador program. They discussed the aims and goals of the Ambassador program, as well as how Unibright is focused on education and promoting Blockchain across the world.

Crypto Zombie makes UBT a Top Pick – He has mentioned Unibright a few times in recent videos, and in this one he highlighted Unibright as a top pick for 2019 to outperform Bitcoin. He focuses on INATBA and the Unibright Founders video from the ICO, and how much potential the project has.

Unibright awareness is growing in the NL Crypto Community – Ruud and Jack have been talking to many people from across the Dutch Crypto community. This has recently lead to Ruud being a guest on the two above Crypto Podcasts, Crypto Benelux and AltcoinBase.

An “Unofficial” telegram has been created  – Of course Unibright is focused on developing their framework and onboarding new clients, but in the Cryptosphere, many people want to speculate and discuss price predictions or theories. With the community creating this group, there is now a place for these types of discussion (and GIFS…). It is a small but active group, and there have been several great conversations there so far. One was about the merits of IDEX and how it can be used with a Ledger Nano S for greater security and peace of mind.

As you can see, a lot is happening in the world of Unibright! Have I missed anything? Probably, but to make sure you don’t miss anything “New and Exciting!”,  remember to follow all the Unibright social media channels!

UBT Telegram Chat

UBT Telegram Announcements

Official Unibright  Twitter

UBT Medium

Website –

Blockchain Consultancy –

Unofficial UBT Telegram (Price and GIFS)

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