15 AI Coins Exceed Q1-2024 Funding Targets - Part 2

In part 2 of this article on AI coins that surpassed their funding goals for Q1-2024. Now, we’ll examine the remaining projects, emphasizing their value and fundraising goals. Here is the first part.

The AI marketplace is diverse. Explore this article to see how AI transforms cryptocurrencies beyond buying and selling with these AI coins.

1) Talus

There is a lot in store for AI consumers. Talus network is up to the task of changing how consumer AI works. Talus network supports various AI applications like finance, gaming, and governance. Few people usually control AI, but this case has no limitation to data and resources. How is this possible? Through Talus network.

Talus raised $3M during its fundraising phase in February 2024. Investors like Polychain Capital and Dao5 were on board.

2) Helika

Helika recently raised $8M in series A funding led by Pantera Capital. The funds will help launch AI-powered games.

Top investors like Sparkle VC, Diagram Ventures, and Sfermion got their funds in. Damon Gura and Marc Alloul also got their funds in.

Helika‘s funding will lead to an expansion of the team. The results during fundraising will lead to the development of next-generation AI products. Helika aims to develop a product suite for game management. That’s innovative in our books.

3) FuzzLand

FuzzLand raised $3M during its fundraising in February 2024. Notable investors like IKX and Haskey Capital contributed to the fundraiser. FuzzLand aims to increase Web3 security using ItyFuzz to solve security issues on smart contracts.

4) KIP Protocol

KIP protocol makes developing, monetizing, and managing knowledge assets more accessible. It allows AI innovators to work with transparency when interacting with AI.

Funds got into KIP protocol, and the amount is To Be determined (TBD). Animoca Brands, Skyvision Capital, and CSP DAO were notable investors in the KIP protocol.

5) Public AI

Imagine a Web3 platform with a marketplace for AI annotation, where PublicAI comes in. Public AI rewards users globally for labeling AI data to enhance performance.

Public AI raised $2M in funds in January 2024. The notable investors are Solana Foundation, IOBC Capital, and Foresight Ventures.

6) Ta-da

I love an AI tool that aspires to be more than the regular ones flying around. This platform aims to be a game changer for Web2 and Web3 enthusiasts. Ta-da already has over 5,000 active users onboarded on their application. Ta-da signifies excellent data! Blockchain-powered, high-quality data for AI models

There is still a lot in store, but here’s the icing. They raised $3.5M in funds in January 2024. Morningstar Ventures, Let’s Go Ventures, GBV, and Alpha Protocol were top investors.

That’s not all. Ta-da also attends to the needs of businesses and AI developers. They manage voice recordings, images, and much more at competitive rates. 

7) Character X

Character X is a decentralized synthetic social network powered by Artificial General Intelligence (AGI). Sounds tough? Here’s a breakdown.

It aims to change how we network by combining AI with human interactions in a decentralized way. Character X allows you to connect with others and earn rewards. With Character X, you can create and interact with your AI characters. You can also customize your AI character(s) to suit your preferences.

Character X raised $2.8M in January to bring this idea to life. Notable investors that got their funds in are Lightspeed and Spark Digital Capital.

All these 15 AI coins had impressive turn-ups for their fundraising phases in Q1 of 2024. It’s rare for every narrative to pull this off. The massive turn-up on AI coins indicates that AI is more than we see on the surface. 


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