I have been looking at low-risk high-gain crypto opportunities lately. I did a video on it a couple of days back where I covered 3 altcoins. While some of you disagreed with my research, some of you really suggested some really good projects. 

I did a little more research on one of the altcoins you suggested and added it to my list. So here are my next low-risk high-gain picks for the coming bull run!

1) Arweave

My first pick today is AR, the native token of Arweave, a permanent web storage solution. We already know the data storage issues social media giants like X and Facebook are facing. Arweave aims to solve this issue with significantly lesser costs and downtime. 

AR is almost down 94% from its all-time high. And given all the hype around decentralized storage solutions. So, my research team expects AR to easily 20X from this price. So at 94% low, AR is a steal.

Arweave shares many similarities with decentralized storage platforms like Filecoin and Sia. I covered Filecoin in my last video. All these decentralized storage platforms use cryptocurrencies to build marketplaces for users looking to purchase and sell data storage services. Just like the way you and I buy storage on iCloud or Google Cloud. 

Also, Arweave has already gained the attention of mainstream organizations. It previously partnered with Meta to bring NFTs to Instagram. Aarweave is attempting to disrupt a market that is now dominated by storage companies like Google, Amazon, and Microsoft. But it has its uniqueness. Arweave focuses on long-term data storage through special incentives designed around its AR token.

The design of Arweave makes it possible for users who store data to earn money even after making the initial payment for its decentralized storage service. Arweave already has a thriving ecosystem of developers and projects supporting it. Investing in Arweave is low-risk because it’s a Web3 infrastructure. Blockchain projects need its decentralized services unless they want to rely on Amazon Web Service, which is centralized.

2) Ankr

My 2nd pick today is Ankr. It is one of the few crypto projects that tap into the power of decentralized Finance. At present it is 88% down from its all-time high. And the maximum it could do is a 10X-20X from here that’s $0.02

Unlike Metaverse and the gaming sector, the DeFi market remains one of the most lucrative aspects of the crypto market. So, investing in well-positioned DeFi projects makes more sense than in sectors that are yet to deliver on their huge promises.

Ankr launched in 2017 as a blockchain-based DeFi infrastructure and it also enables cross-chain staking. So, one of the major reasons why I am bullish on Ankr is that multi-chain and cross-chain opportunities have been incredibly popular among users and investors. And Ankr has played a significant role in making cross-chain simpler. 

The ANKR token, an Ethereum-based token, powers the Ankr protocol. The best thing about the ANKR token is that it has multiple use cases in the ecosystem:

  • Staking. 
  • Governance. 
  • Payments. 
  • Create decentralized apps. 

Ankr is one of the leading projects offering blockchain infrastructure services. So it will be in high demand in coming years.

3) Ocean

My last pick today is Ocean, the token of Ocean protocol. Why? Because the data market is one of the most lucrative sectors globally Ocean Protocol is building a new data economy that will enable businesses and individuals like you and me to monetize data.

Talking about the potential from here let’s see. Ocean is trading at $0.305. It is up 63% in the last year but its all-time high was $1.93. As per me and my research team’s analysis, it can easily be 20X from here. That means if you put in $100 today in the Bullrun Ocean can potentially yield $2000 or even more. 

Why do I think like that? Well, Ocean aims to make the data sets on its platform accessible to companies and researchers. However, the data does not have to leave the control of those who store it. 

So in simple words, Ocean protocol connects users who need data but lack the resources to store it with those who have. Providers receive OCEAN, the native cryptocurrency of Ocean, as payment for their services.

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