In the last few months, IQ Protocol has been developing many new features.  Newest updates include converting NFT rentals to tokens, partnerships, and the launch of its native token. 

Let’s explore more about IQ Protocol.

Tokenization of The IQ Protocol 

Tokenization has emerged as an agent of change in the gaming industry and IQ Protocol intends to boost the potential of NFT rentals with it. This method decreases obstacles to entry while attracting new players to the sector.

This will make IQ embrace the spirit of decentralized finance (DeFi) in the gaming industry.

IQ Protocol Partners with UNFOLD

IQ has a new strategic alliance with UNFOLD, a digital marketing platform in the gaming sector. The partnership marks a watershed point in fan interaction. It’s important to know that UNFOLD made a strategic investment in IQ Labs. UNFOLD’s mission integrates with IQ Protocol.

This partnership will boost the exposure of the NFT rental platform. UNFOLD has other great partnerships. They are currently working with leading companies like Netflix, Warner Bros Discovery, and Disney.

IQ Protocol Partners with Medieval Empires

Another important alliance is the one with Medieval Empires. As a result of this partnership, Medieval Empires will provide early access to whitelist passes and token rewards. This will be available from December 13th to December 28th. So check it out. It’s going on now.

Medieval Empires is a P2E game compatible with Polygon’s blockchain. Users can play it on PC, and Mac nowadays. It is a P2E game set in 13th-century Turkey that enables players to immerse themselves in a medieval tale.

$IQT Token Launch on

The $IQT token went live on on December 15th at 1 PM (UTC). Users can take part via a free airdrop program where VIP and GT users can enjoy different airdrops.

Users can participate in the IQ Protocol Startup membership for free.


IQ has been leading the way in the leasing of NFTs for the web3 gaming industry. So, the tokenization of these assets, the partnerships, and the IQT token launch will make for a larger and better-built ecosystem for users.

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