5 Smallcap Altcoins Ready To Explode In The Bull Bun

With the cryptocurrency market experiencing a resurgence, investors are again seeking opportunities to capitalize on the next significant bull run. However, given the vast array of digital assets available, identifying hidden gems with the potential for explosive growth can be daunting.

But we got your back! To assist you in your research, we have compiled a list of five smallcap altcoins that show promise for a significant breakout. Let’s dive in!

1. Clearpool ($CPOOL)

Clearpool is a novel decentralized capital market that helps institutional borrowers access uncollateralized DeFi loans. Built on the Ethereum and Polygon blockchains, Clearpool introduces a dynamic credit market for accessing unsecured liquidity.

At its core, $CPOOL, its native token, serves as the utility and governance token for the Clearpool protocol. Token holders can actively engage with the ecosystem by staking them. Participating in borrower and community staking, and earning rewards in return.

Furthermore, $CPOOL holders have the power to vote on key protocol decisions, including the whitelisting of borrowers eligible for $CPOOL rewards. Additionally, CPOOL tokens are obtained as LP tokens when providing liquidity to a borrower pool.

Current Clearpool Tokenomics

Price: $0.0228

Market Cap: $9,200,045

Circulating Supply: 403,976,337

Total Supply: 1,000,000,000

Max Supply: 1,000,000,000

Where to Buy CPOOL?

CEXs from where you can buy $CPOOL are:

And DEXs are:

Clearpool has attracted prominent borrowers, including notable institutions such as FBG Capital, Amber, Jane Street, Auros, Wintermute, and Folkvang. According to Clearpool’s loan dashboard data, approximately $408 million of stablecoin loans originated on the Ethereum and Polygon blockchains through the platform.

Clearpool’s innovative blockchain implementation has the potential to greatly improve the existing financial ecosystem and drive the momentum toward decentralization, even in a sector that has traditionally resisted it.

2. Oraichain ($ORAI)

Oraichain, a groundbreaking data oracle platform, aggregates and connects smart contracts with AI APIs. It holds the reputation of being the world’s first AI-powered data oracle. The platform introduces six key areas and features: AI Oracle, AI Marketplace, AI Ecosystem, Staking & Earning, Test Cases, and Orai DAO.

The native token of Oraichain is $ORAI, an ERC20 token in Ethereum and a BEP-20 token in BSC. $ORAI fuels the decentralized oracle network, where validators stake the token to partake in block creation and respond to data requests.

Moreover, token holders actively engage in platform governance through voting. When using the Oraichain network, $ORAI is a transaction fee for AI requests, paid by validators, test case providers, request executors, and AI-API providers.

Current Oraichain Tokenomics

Price: $2.14

Market Cap: $12,039,051

Circulating Supply: 5,615,988

Total Supply: 19,779,269

Max Supply: 19,779,269

Where to Buy $ORAI?

CEXs from where you can buy $ORAI are:

And DEXs are:

In December 2020, the team modified the tokenomics by burning 73% of the total ORAI token supply. This strategic move flattened the emission schedule until 2027, safeguarding against sudden supply shocks and reducing inflation during the early stages of the project.

As the DeFi economy grows, the demand for Oraichain will likely increase, especially in a niche not addressed by crowdsourced projects like yEarn Finance. The platform’s unique approach sets it apart from industry leader Chainlink, positioning Oraichain as a valuable player in the data oracle sector.

3. Polkadex ($PDEX)

Polkadex Orderbook is an exceptional non-custodial peer-to-peer trading platform that seamlessly combines the advantages of both centralized and decentralized exchanges. Doing so addresses issues commonly associated with traditional DEXes, such as front-running, arbitrage, price slippage, and high transaction fees.

At the heart of the Polkadex platform is its native token, PDEX, which serves multiple purposes. Users can participate in Polkadex IDOs, pay transaction fees, and enjoy fee discounts when used for trading. Additionally, $PDEX empowers users to engage in on-chain governance, become validators for earning additional tokens through staking, and nominate validators and collators of the network.

Governance within the Polkadex network follows the model of the Polkadot network, relying on votes and their respective weights. Like Polkadot, 50% of the circulating supply of $PDEX remains staked at all times, enhancing the network’s security and decentralization. So, the platform offers a wide array of features and trading tools, including order books, swaps, custom bots, and cross-chain trades, catering to the diverse needs of investors.

Polkadex Network is not merely a DEX but a Substrate-based application-specific blockchain hosting multiple components, such as Polkadex Orderbook, Polkapool, and Polkadex IDO. Its diverse offerings make it an all-encompassing platform for traders and investors alike.

Current Polkadex Tokenomics

Price: $0.9566

Market Cap: $7,209,712

Circulating Supply: 7,460,000

Total Supply: 7,460,000

Max Supply: 20,000,000

Where to Buy PDEX?

Users can buy $PDEX on many popular CEXS like:

You can also buy $PDEX on DEXs like:

Undoubtedly, Polkadex is steadily approaching its goal of democratizing access to DeFi for a wide range of users, including novice and professional crypto traders, institutions, and blockchain project teams.


Given the highly speculative nature of the cryptocurrency market and its rapid price fluctuations, thorough DYOR is crucial! The five tokens discussed in this article demonstrate solid fundamentals and have the potential to experience significant growth during the upcoming bull run.

Disclaimer: The information provided in this article is for informational purposes only, and readers should not consider it as financial advice.

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