4 Early Crypto Picks For Massive Gains

By now, we all know the value of getting in early to good crypto projects. But when is early? IDO? Pre-IDO? Post-IDO after the first wave of selling? We don’t look at any of that. We let the price tell us when we are early.

Today, we have 4 crypto great projects where you are DEFINITELY early. Including one from 2019, where YES, you are still early on that one too. Want to see where we are focusing our efforts? Let’s check it out.

Early Opp 1: Dexcheck

Dexcheck is our first early opportunity today. It has an upcoming IDO. It’s an analytics tool that uses AI to help us get to the data we REALLY want from all the messy blockchain and smart contract data that’s out there.

With Dexcheck and its AI capabilities, you can get up-to-date data on the liquidity pool, DeFi protocol, or NFT project of your choice. As we highlighted in an article recently, they will have their IDO on 5 different launchpads. They are launching on:

  1. Enjinstarter
  2. ChainGPT Pad
  3. Decubate
  4. Seedify
  5. And Poolz

With a total allocation of almost $1 million worth of tokens spread across the 5 platforms. They will take place between July 17-19 so get yourself whitelisted now while you have time. The symbol will be $DCK and it’s a BNB Smart Chain BEP-20 token.

But let’s say you are an EVIL American who can’t KYC with any launchpads. I feel for you. But Dexcheck is still an excellent opportunity post-IDO too. So it’s a good opportunity to look for some bargains as it lists on DEXs across the crypto sphere.

Which IDO launchpad is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below.

Early Opp 2: Tectum

Our 2nd early opp just post-IDO is Tectum. Tectum and its Soft Note product bring the best of a few services together in one:

  • The safety of a paper wallet (even though it’s digital).
  • The ability to transact privately.
  • Fully decentralized Bitcoin micropayments more than the Lightning Network.

So you can see the potential for that is huge. And the Soft Note is coming online in real numbers now, along with their $TET token launch. So you are definitely early on this one. This one is a bet on Bitcoin Layer 2, micropayments, and what the Lightning Network could be, but so far isn’t.

After its recent token launch, you have a chance to get $TET as it will be listed on a few exchanges shortly. It’s also a great time to try Soft Note out and see how it’s both safer and more private than existing solutions.

Check out the dedicated video we did on this excellent new service.

Early Opp 3: Chainge

Chainge Finance is our 3rd opportunity for today. This protocol is growing fast in 3 areas we love:

  1. DEX Aggregators.
  2. Cross-chain transactions.
  3. Crypto protocols that are mobile-friendly.

So a DEX aggregator looks at DEXs across crypto and finds the best prices and trade routes for the 2 coins you want to swap. Eventually, this will become the norm and you won’t even see which protocol you traded on. But for now, we use DEX aggregators and they have great liquidity and great prices.

Cross-chain and mobile-friendly apps are things we mention often here so I won’t repeat them. Chainge (CHNG) is up from its bear market low of 3 cents to its current price of 9 cents. At 9 cents, it has a market value of $42.8 million despite being a leading aggregator and #43 in TVL in all DeFi. Uniswap by contrast, is worth $4 billion or 100x more.

We’ve mentioned Chainge a bunch recently so you probably know they offer other great services too like margin trading and derivatives. But the point is just because it’s popular now does not mean you missed the boat. Its all-time high is 55c, which would be a 5x from here and totally reasonable to expect.

Do you have a favorite DEX that you use? Let us know in the comments below

Early Opp 4: PARSIQ

A lot of times people equate early with IDO or pre-IDO stage. And this is a mistake. Sometimes early is just a project that’s been around but hasn’t been discovered yet for how great it is. That’s the case with our last one today. PARSIQ.

It started back in 2019. That was a lifetime ago in crypto. Yet, it’s still early when you look at price action. It’s a leader in Web3 infrastructure, an area we love. In fact, its biggest competitor, The Graph is in our 50x Master Portfolio.

It’s worth over $1 billion dollars. And PARSIQ, who is an equal competitor to The Graph is worth only $17 MILLION dollars. That means equaling where The Graph is now would be a 60x.

That’s early. And we think there will be a few winners in Web3 infrastructure including both The Graph and PARSIQ

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