4 Top Altcoins Primed for a CRYPTO BREAKOUT

Being early in the crypto space can be crucial.  Are you looking for coins with potential big gains? Well, you’re in the right place. This intersection at the end of the bear and the start of the bull market is vital for success. It’s the perfect place to start accumulating. 

You can pick up most altcoins at cheap prices. Soon, they may start to explode, and that’s the moment we’re all waiting for. So, I’m about to tell you about 4 coins you should keep an eye out on. 

#1: Secret Network (SCRT)

The Secret Network is part of the Cosmos IBC family. As the name implies, Secret is all about privacy. The project dates back to 2017. What I like about Secret is that they quietly but steadily keep building in the background.

Instead of smart contracts, they use ‘Secret Contracts‘. The difference is that the Secret Contracts have encrypted in- and outputs. In other words, when using Secret, you disclose no data.

Furthermore, besides their native SCRT token, there’s also the sSCRT token. You can use this for private transactions. This is an SNIP-20 token. All bridged tokens into Secret use this SNIP-20 token. For example, bridged ETH becomes sETH. We can also see Secret growing in the DeFi space. One of their latest projects is the Secret Tunnel. Or how about their current Secret Surge incentivized program for liquidity providers?

Up next is ‘Privacy as a service‘. This allows other chains to connect to Secret. Once connected, they can use Secret’s private computation capability. Secret also has Secret NFTs. Only the owner can view the content. Although the SCRT token is down over the last year, it’s a great entry point right now.

#2: Pendle (PENDLE)

Pendle is an AMM. Well, nothing new under the sun there, right? That’s not special, however, what they trade in is special. I covered Pendle only 2 weeks ago. Check out the video.

Pendle allows you to trade in future yields. In TradFi we know this as the Interest Derivates Market. So, Pendle brings this to DeFi. Here are the three parts that Pendle uses to do all this:

  1. Yield tokenization – First, Pendle wraps yield-bearing tokens into SY (standardized yield tokens).  For example, liquid staking tokens. These are the wrapped versions of the underlying yield-bearing tokens. Now, you split this SY token into a principal token (PT) and a yield token (YT). So, you tokenize the yield into a different token.
  2. Pendle AMM – You can trade the PT and YT tokens on this AMM.  
  3. vePendle – Lock the PENDLE token and get a say in the governance of the protocol.

The PENDLE token is up almost 150% over the last year. The current price is $0.6909. Its market cap is $66.9 million. The max and total supply is 231.7 million. Out of these, almost 96.9 million already circulate.

#3: Kujira (KUJI)

Kujira is a layer 1 chain built on Cosmos. It offers real yield. In other words, you get a yield only from the platforms’ revenue. So, not from unsustainable token emissions or other strategies. There’s no manipulation of the yield.

In Japanese, Kujira means whale. Kujira’s idea is to give each crypto newbie, the option to become a whale.

Kujira used to be on the Terra blockchain as Orca. However, after the Terra collapse, the team moved to Cosmos. There they rebranded to Kujira. Now Kujira has a thriving ecosystem on its own.

Before you can join this ecosystem, the protocol’s governance must approve the Dapp. As a result, the Dapps on the platform are reliable and of high quality. At the same time, there’s no chance for harmful or bad Dapps to join. Kujira also has a couple of native Dapps.

Kujira also has a stablecoin, the USK. The native KUJI token is up almost 80% over the last 365 days. The current price is $0.7320 with a market cap of $84.6 million. The max and total supply is 122.3 million tokens. The circulating supply is 115.6 million.

#4: Linear (LINA)

Linear combines TradFi with DeFi. The protocol offers so-called ‘Liquids’. These are traditional assets in the form of synthetic assets. For example, commodities, market indices, or forex. 

Synthetic assets are derivatives. Its value depends on the underlying asset or index. However, you mint a synthetic. So, they are tokenized derivatives. Linear has four major products. For instance:

  • Linear Buildr – Here you can stake LINA tokens, build LUSD, and earn staking rewards. LUSD is the in-house stablecoin.
  • Linear Exchange – Here you can trade the Liquids.
  • Linear Swap – A cross-chain swap that connects to a variety of DeFi ecosystems.
  • Linear Vault – Lock your LUSD or other LP tokens. This allows for passive income. Rewards come in LUSD, BUSD, or LINA.

As collateral, you use the native LINA token. It’s also possible to use up to 20% of ETH or wBTC. The current LINA price is $0.01223450. The market cap is $67 million. The max and total token supply is 10 billion. There are already 5.47 billion tokens in circulation. In the last year, it went up around 40%. 

Do you already have any of these tokens on your radar? Or do you even have them in your portfolio? 

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