Being early is a recurring theme in crypto. If you get in early with a project, you may reap the benefits once the token starts to explode. Right, since that’s the moment we’re all waiting for. But, before we get there, you need to find that great entry point. That’s the early part!

My research team and I came up with a few altcoins that fit this bill. In fact, my 4th altcoins pick in the video might surprise you. All 4 tokens in this article currently have that great entry point. And, I expect them to do well or very well in the next bull run.

#1: Morpheus (MNW)

So, my first pick of today’s altcoins is Morpheus (MNW). It’s a supply chain. In other words, it wants to automate and optimize supply chain operations. This also includes a global settlement option. What makes this interesting is that they are compliance-focused.

Furthermore, Morpheus also includes developments like IoT (Internet of Things) or RIFD tech. This tech allows you to tag and track ID tags on objects. For a supply chain, a perfect feature that helps to optimize the supply chain. Here are some of the Morpheus features, for example:

  • It offers fast payments because of automated smart contracts.  
  • Morpheus accepts payments in any currency. They’re settled by SWIFT.
  • The Morpheus platform is compatible with other blockchains 
  • Layering allows legacy systems to build on top of Morpheus. For example, tracking platform platforms like FedEx.

Plenty of other projects are already integrated with Morpheus. For instance:

  • DHL – Logistics.
  • UPS – Package delivery.
  • Stellar – Payment network.
  • Chainlink – Oracle network.

The native MNW token also has good utility. You can use it as cash on the platform. For example:

  • It pays for the automating process. This saves time and money.
  • It is also notarizing supply chain data in the platform. 

I’m a big fan of Morpheus. Currently, it is under heavy accumulation. After Hong Kong lifted the crypto trading ban, I expect many projects to adopt MNW.

#2: RocketX Exchange (RVF)

The Rocket X exchange is gaining importance amidst regulatory crackdowns. How about the SEC forcing Coinbase to remove all crypto apart from BTC? Rocket X aggregates to CEXes. For example, Binance, Huobi, OKX, KuCoin, and so on. Add to this, popular DEXes like 1inch, or OpenSea. 

You can also add various bridges and swaps to this. And all this bundled in one transaction. This offers a great cross-swap experience. Add to this a positive UX (user experience).

It’s non-custodial, but its main advantage is that there’s no KYC required. With the above-mentioned SEC situation, its RVF token has been soaring. During the last 30 days, it saw a 204% surge. Over one year, it surged no less than 490%. Its market cap is at $23 million. Out of the 100 million tokens of max supply, 76% already circulates. That’s 76 million RVF tokens. 

There are still only a few places where you can buy RVF. For instance:

  • Uniswap.
  • PancakeSwap.
  • MEXC.
  • Bitmart.

Rocket X connects now to 21 DEXes, like SpookySwap or Osmosis. It also offers access to 21 bridges. Including XYFinance or ThorChain. Their target is wallet-less swaps with over 200 blockchains. A project to keep an eye out on.

#3: Pendle Finance (PENDLE)

The PENDLE token was listed on Binance in early July. This caused a surge in its price. However, it’s back now to pre-Binance levels. This looks like a good entry point again. I also just talked about Pendle in a recent video

But first, let me explain what Pendle is. It’s a permissionless yield-trading protocol. It allows you to apply various yield-management strategies. Pendle offers you control over your yield. You have a variety of options. For example, you can exit, hedge, and long the yield. In other words, plenty of options to generate more money. Pendle has 3 main mechanisms:

  • Yield Tokenization: When you stake in Pendle’s liquidity pool, you split the assets into two tokens.
    • Principal token (PT): which you can redeem 1:1 with the principal asset after maturity.
    • Yield token (YT), which continuously pays the yield of the principal asset.
  • Pendle AMM: You can trade both tokens on the Pendle AMM. For this, you use a single-token liquidity pool. This AMM has minimal Impermanent Loss (IL) and low slippage.
  • vePENDLE: This allows you, with many pools and yields, to govern and maximize your investment.

#4: Football Fan Tokens

As the last pick of today’s altcoins, I have a surprise. I picked football fan tokens. That’s because the various European leagues are about to start. This resulted in some nice pumps. I picked 3 tokes for you:

  • The Arsenal fan token: The north London club did well last season, but faded in the end. So, Arsenal’s token is up by 34% over the last 30 days. Man City by 10.6% and Lazio by 11.5%.
  • Manchester City token: They caught up and grab the EPL (English Premier League) title. They marched on to win the FA and Champions League cups as well. This resulted in a rare treble.
  • Lazio token: Their hometown is Rome in Italy.

So, is there any token among these altcoins that you like from today’s pick? 

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