Top Coins From Our Team – Part 2

At Altcoin Buzz, we like to be transparent. That’s why we recently gave you an insight in the coins that our CEO holds. Now it’s time to move on and see what coins our team is holding. This will be a 3-part series. Here’s a link to Part 1. Part 3 will be here shortly.

As we’d like to point out, these lists are not investment advice. Instead, they are educational materials. You should only consider investing in any coin once you’ve done your research. You should also be convinced that it aligns with your trading goals. Now, let’s get to some top coins on today’s list.

1) Polygon (MATIC)

Polygon is an all-time favorite for many team members at Altcoin Buzz. The project had been on fire for most of this year. However, the current MATIC price doesn’t reflect this. Nonetheless, Polygon saw massive news coverage during this year. For example, they formed partnerships with some top brands. How about, Adidas, Starbucks, Stripe, or Disney? 

Another major event about to take place is their Polygon 2.0 This also involves new tokenomics. The new POL token will replace MATIC. You can swap it soon on a 1:1 basis. This new token is multichain. You can pay transaction fees between all Polygon chains, as there are, for instance,

  • Polygon PoS chain.
  • zkEVM.
  • Supernets.

Although POL is inflationary, the number of transactions on all chains may push the POL price up. The picture below shows some Polygon’s new partnerships.

Top coins

Source: The Blockchain Council

2) Solana (SOL)

Solana is another favorite among many of our team members. It’s one of the so-called Ethereum killers. However, having said that, if you used Solana, you know how fast it is and how cheap its transactions are. It’s a real relief compared to the sluggishness and gas fees on Ethereum. It makes you wonder where Ethereum would be if it didn’t have that first-mover advantage.

The platform is, among others, known for its NFTs. The same story here, fast and cheap transactions. As a bonus, Solana has some really cool collections on offer as well. For example, Dandies, Mob Studios, and Taiyo Robotics.

Some other big news is Solana’s integration with Shopify. As a result, merchants on Shopify can accept fast, web3 native payments. Until the end of this year, there will be no transaction fees.

3) Arbitrum (ARB)

Arbitrum is like Polygon a layer 2 built on top of Ethereum. It offers faster and cheaper transactions compared to Ethereum. Arbitrum also solves Ethereum’s scaling issues. It’s a popular platform, not only by some of our team members. For example, in TVL rankings, it takes spot #4 on DeFiLlama

The platform uses optimistic rollups. In a nutshell, the main chain can process more transactions. At the same time, it uses less space. For example, Aave and SushiSwap use Arbitrum under their respective hoods. Arbitrum offers two chains,

  • Nitro – an updated version of Arbitrum One, the official mainnet.
  • Nova – a newer chain with lower transaction costs. However, it’s more centralized.

4) ImmutableX (IMX)

ImmutableX is a longstanding fave among many of the Altcoin Buzz team members. It’s another layer 2 built on Ethereum. However, ImmutableX specializes in Web3 games and NFTs. Their platform is completely designed for games. Fast and cheap transactions fit the bill for gaming.

Some games you can find on ImmutableX, are, for example,

The platform offers a wide variety of cool features. You can find, for instance:

  • Passport: Instant wallet onboarding.
  • Orderbook and marketplace network.
  • Minting NFTs.
  • zk Rollups for games.

Earlier in August 2023, the team introduced the Immutable zkEVM Testnet. This offers enterprise-grade security and lower development costs for devs. The following video is an introduction to their passport feature.

5) Aleph Zero (AZERO)

Aleph Zero is all about privacy. Most of our team are strong believers in this crypto sector. We see a bright future for more privacy in the crypto space. Some of our team have a weak spot and strong conviction about Aleph Zero. The platform offers three main parts, for instance:

  • Scalability – it offers instant finality. 
  • Security – offered by the novel AlephBFT consensus protocol.
  • Privacy – zkSNARKs and their MPC (multi-party computation) solution offer this.

Despite that Aleph Zero is a fairly new chain, it already offers a solid ecosystem. More new projects are getting ready to launch in Q4-2023 and Q1-2024. The most recent addition is the Abax lending protocol. It launched its testnet on 24th August. Other projects to look out for are their native Liminal and Common. 21X, a regulated, DLT exchange in Europe, is due soon.


We are showing an insight into the Altcoin Buzz team’s favorite top coins. In this 3-part series, this is Part 2. For links to Part 1 and Part 3, please look at the top of this page.

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