Enjin NFTs or ERC1155 tokens have been the talk of the town and you might be wondering how you can your hands on some of them.

Be it game items, art pieces or even limited-edition collectibles, the inventory of Enjin NFTs will get you excited and wanting for more. Here are some ways you can acquire or even sell your NFTs.

Cryptofights trading site

This site was made by Cryptofights, a game built on the Enjin platform, to help the community in buying and selling of NFTs. You will be able to browse the trading site directly from your Enjin wallet using the Dapp browser. If not, you will have to link your Metamask account to your Enjin wallet in order to access the trading site. Users will be able to list their items in exchange for Enjin or other items and the site will take a fee in Enjin for every successful trade.

Telegram trading channels

There are many community-created telegram channels specifically for buying and selling of Enjin NFTs. Before the Cryptofights trading site was created, trading was based on trust but there were admins available for escrow as well. The largest ERC1155 trading telegram group has over 2k members to date and is still active with lots of trades being completed daily. However, there have been many cases of scams as well so be careful and try to use escrow if needed.


Presales are a sure way to acquire Enjin NFTs and most of the developers hold presales to raise funds for their games. Games offer lootboxes or direct purchase of rare items and payment can be made using crypto or credit card. Some of these items are even backed by a generous amount of Enjin and buyers can instantly make a profit just by scoring a highly-backed Enjin item. In The Six Dragons(an Open-world RPG) presale which raised over $90000, one lucky buyer looted a Dragonforged Sword backed by 10,000 Enjin from a $50 dragon chest. Presales can be so much fun but be careful not to burst your budget!


Giveaways happen regularly in the Enjin community and you can be sure to find some sort of giveaway every week. Giveaways are an excellent way for games to promote themselves and get the community involved in their project. Most giveaways just require you to share some of the game news using your social media and they are all absolutely free. Some items that have appeared in giveaways are extremely valuable as well especially founder tokens which can be worth hundreds of dollars each. There are games which carry out giveaways with a twist and reward people for creating the best Meme or even designing stuff for them. There is indeed lots of fun and interesting ways you can participate to try to get your hands on some NFTs.

Airdrops & QR codes

Airdrops are one of the easiest ways to get NFTs but it usually requires you to hold a certain item in your wallet already. Most commonly, a game founder’s token entitles the holder to get airdrops. For example, Spacemisfits founder’s token promises 2 airdrops to every holder each month. Many other games and communities have also airdropped items to their founder token holders.

QR codes have also been a popular way to get free NFTs. The Enjin wallet allows users to scan a specific QR code which contains items of which 1 of the items will be sent to their wallet. It’s like a lucky dip but in a cooler way.

There you have it, some of the ways which you can be part of the Enjin community! We have a special gift for our readers and make sure to have your Enjin wallet downloaded already in order to receive the item. Enjoy this QR code and be sure to keep this item as it will be usable in games in the future!


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