50X Crypto Portfolio Update - 2025 Bull Run MILLIONAIRES

It’s Master Portfolio time. How do you think we did? Think the XRP decision had an impact on our portfolio? I’m sure it did. Let’s see how much.

In this article, we’ll see another update on how our crypto portfolio is going and the reasons why we’ve changed it a bit.

Total Portfolio Performance

Many of you know by now we’ve had this portfolio for almost a year. All of the 2022 portion of this year we’ve had our portfolio sucked.

So, 2023 has been better but as most of you saw during the spring, Bitcoin is not just leading the market again. It’s doing much better than the alt market. This is our current crypto portfolio.

crypto portfolio review

So how is that affecting us? Let’s see. It turns out, it’s not that big a difference from June to July.

The XRP positive news only kept alts from going lower. We know you’ve seen recently that most altcoins are not doing very much or losing ground while interest in Bitcoin is rising steadily. And that’s affecting our portfolio. A LOT. Let’s review what we have.

We have 11 holdings and our top holding is Bitcoin. Our other 10 holdings range from $300 to $1500 in investment, other than Bitcoin, which is $3500 of our $10,000 investment. And it’s a good thing we have that Bitcoin. As we seem to be starting an Alt Unseason. Bitcoin is leading but alts are not following.

Our total return since inception (almost a year) is 7.87%. And this is pretty good and better than many portfolios are doing. But, the 2 big chips of Bitcoin and Ethereum are crushing us right now. Their returns in the same period are 43% and 35%, respectively. That means for now just holding either or both is doing better than we are. Let’s break the numbers down a little more.

Winners & Losers

Like in June, all but 3 of our positions are in the red and losing money. Unlike June, ALL 8 of these positions are down further in the last 30 days. The worst offender by percentage is BNB. Down only 1.1% in June and now down 8% in July. But there’s been some Binance-related FUD recently and we expect the price to come back. 

crypto portfolio review

Our 2 biggest losers down 45% and 38% respectively are Moonbeam and Kujira. But we are still high on both projects and no fundamentals have changed for the worse. So we are holding onto them. In fact, we are holding all our positions. That’s for 2 reasons:

  1. None of the fundamentals have changed for the worse in any of our holdings.
  2. Overtrading is one of the biggest reasons for big trading losses.

So we will only change out our positions when something actually changes with the project. Our 3 Winners, who are definitely holding our portfolio up are Bitcoin, The Graph, and Lukso.

And honestly, all 3 are still a great buy at today’s prices too. The clear leader at +43% is Bitcoin. It’s crushing. Lukso has a higher ROI at 61% but it’s down from the 2x we were at before. The Graph is coming along nicely at 15.21% ROI.

We are definitely not taking any profits here. How is your portfolio reacting to the XRP news? Did you see a pump? Let us know in the comments below.

What We Are Watching for Next Month

First of all, we know some of you are curious. Are we going to add XRP or Stellar Lumens to our crypto portfolio? No, no we aren’t. At least not for right now.

XRP in particular, and XLM since it runs a fork of Ripple and has a former XRP founder have more regulatory clarity than they did before. But one, there are still unsettled matters in the suit even though the industry considers them minor.

Two, we have other projects we like more in the payments area. For now. But anything can change. We are also watching to see if we are truly in a new bull market. Some of us at AB think so while others are waiting to see.

Plus, we are watching the narratives we think will crush in the next bull market like:

  • Web3 Infrastructure
  • Privacy
  • AI
  • And Real World Asset platforms

When we do make a change in our portfolio, it will be in one of these areas.

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