All you have to Know About Celestia's Airdrop

OTC deals indicate $TIA will be listed at $2. Since Celestia has announced integration with Arbitrum, there is high anticipation of mainnet, too.

There are rumors that Celestia’s Airdrop will launch on the mainnet today (31st October) at 2 PM UTC. Let’s discover more info about it.

What Should You Do With TIA?

Celestia is a modular blockchain. Some other Modular blockchains are:

  1. Arbitrum.
  2. Optimism.
  3. ZK Sync.
  4. Starknet.
  5. Scroll.

Both Arbitrum and Optimism have a $1.2 Billion marketcap. Celestia will have a total supply of 1,000,000,000 TIA at Genesis. That means a fully diluted marketcap of $2 Billion.

This marketcap is highly overvalued and is likely to dip as vesting begins. 33% of the tokens belong to VCs, and these will contribute to the selling pressure.

More about Celestia’s Airdrop

Celestia, however, is likely to emulate the performance of Aptos. This means there will be a listing pump, followed by a 50-60% correction and sideways movement afterward. Any price above $4 is good to take profit, and if you see a listing pump of 60% or more, sell your tokens immediately.

Else, sell tokens in 4 parts of 25%-25%-25%-25%. First 25% at the time of listing. Second at the first pump (Usually in a day). Third, within one week. And if the token is finding support at $2, hold the last portion for the bull run.

Now, let’s look at what Celestia is all about.

Celestia’s Use Cases and Latest Announcements

Celestia is a modular data availability network that safely scales with the number of users, allowing anyone to easily establish their own blockchain. So, they are having important news:

  • Blobstream: Introduces modular DA streaming to Ethereum.
  • Vimana CLI: A free and open-source tool for streamlining node operations across several networks.
  • Partnership with Lumoz.
  • The Genesis Drop finished with more than 191,000 claims.
  • Integration with Cosmos, among other news.

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