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Playbux intends to demonstrate the power of blockchain by integrating common smart contracts.

What is Playbux?

This project enables any asset from any project to be represented on the metaverse, and you can design your character in any way you like. Any crypto community or smart contract can integrate with Playbux. If you want to explore more projects we have on our watchlist, subscribe to Altcoin Buzz Alpha.

Playbux can do well post-launch, considering its capability to integrate with multiple other projects and also novel use of NFTs. However, it has a lot of community incentives that can pull it back.

Ideally, it can be a quick flip once it launches, considering the hype that comes with Binance Labs (maybe a Binance Launchpool) and Visa.

How to get involved?

Note: Hard Grind, Involves referrals. Do it in your leisure time.

You can start mining using Lottery Tickets or the Referral Program

Referral Program Rewards: 10 M PUBX (2.5% of the Supply. Total Supply 400M). 20% is designated for community rewards later. Plus, an additional 100,000 USDT in the lottery pool

You will get 1 BRK (Game Token) and 10 Lotto Ticket as a Joining Bonus. You can also mine BRK in Daily Tasks and get some NFTs with BRK in the long run.

Here are the steps you need to follow to claim your welcome bonus:

  1. You can join here.
  2. Sign Up with your Google Account.
  3. Get your Welcome Gift.
  4. Connect your wallet.
  5. Claim your Welcome Gift by clicking on the Lotto Icon on the Top Right.
  6. Go back to Playbux.
  7. Log in using your X account!
  8. Accept Terms and Conditions.
  9. Follow Playbux.
  10. Repost.
  11. Claim your Lotto Tickets.
  12. Now, start playing different games and interacting.

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