B21 Wallet – How To Install and Use It – Part 2

In the previous part of this series, we have explained the installation, verification, balance addition, and earn options of the B21 wallet. In this article, we will explain how you can buy, sell, upgrade your profile, withdraw, and various other features.

 Buy Coin

You can buy any tokens supported by the B21 wallet by using either your existing wallet’s cash balance or debit/credit card.

Users need to toggle the Use Cash Balance if they want to use the cash balance. Otherwise, you can proceed with buying with a debit/credit card.

Cash Balance

You can check the available amount in your B21 wallet from this tab. You can also use the cash balance in the following activities:

  • Invest in Current Allocation

Users can invest the cash balance available in their wallets into other tokens.


Important: The minimum investment amount is $25.

  • Sell From Portfolio

You can sell all or some part of your portfolio and the selling amount will be credited to your cash balance.

To sell any token, go to the Sell tab. It will give you two options to sell your token:

    • Sell Assets

Sell assets to get fiat currency.


    • Advanced Sell Assets

Using the advanced sell asset option, users can select the token that they want to sell.


  • Withdraw Cash Balance

We will discuss this in the My Account section.

  • Deposit to Cash Balance

We will discuss this in the My Account section.

Profile Upgrade

When the user installs and verifies their B21 profile, they are assigned to the Standard profile. Users can upgrade their profile from Standard to VIP with only 300 B21 tokens in their portfolio. Once the user is moved to the VIP profile status, they can get some relaxation in fees and exclusive bonuses.


B21 International Card

B21 offers four different types of international cards that users can buy. Each card has different features and facilities.

  • GREEN Virtual
  • TEAL Plastic
  • GOLD Plastic
  • BLACK Plastic
  GREEN Virtual TEAL Plastic GOLD Plastic BLACK Plastic
Card Type MasterCard Visa Visa Visa
Price $21 $210 $500 $1000
Card Limit $350 $1000 $5000 $25000
Security Deposit $ 0 $200 $1000 $5000
B21 Token Reward $10 $50 $100 $300


As per recent information, the company has started shipping the card to its users.


Users can do various tasks using the Setting tab.


We will discuss each option in detail.

Investment Allocation

Select the assets you want to include in your portfolio and click on Save my portfolio.

To add any coin, users first need to unlock it. They can also customize the percentage of token allocation by using the “+” and “–” signs.


Transaction History

You can see the transaction history details of your account from this tab.


Assets Transaction History

The B21 wallet also allows you to see the transaction history filtered by the assets.


Withdraw Cash Balance

Users can withdraw (partial/full) the cash balance from their B21 wallet anytime.

The B21 wallet allows you to withdraw by using any of the following:

  • Withdraw using international wire
  • Withdraw using US wire

To withdraw, just go to the Withdraw tab and enter the amount of balance you want to withdraw.

Important: B21 supports withdrawals between $25 and $1,000,000.



The B21 wallet supports the following languages. Users can select their preferred option.


Profit/Loss Report

Users can get their Profit/Loss report for the selected period and can directly send it to their email address from the B21 wallet application.

They just need to select the year and document format (PDF, Excel) to generate the report.



The B21 wallet application allows you to change your password and PIN setup through the Security tab.


Profile Update

The B21 mobile wallet application allows the users to update the following profile details:

  • Profile photo
  • Email address
  • Phone number


Social Presence







The B21 wallet gives a simple and easy-to-use user interface. It provides a decent option of fiat on- and off-ramps. The monitor dashboard, along with the restructuring portfolio, features are user friendly. The platform is centralized and you will need KYC. Also, deposits are not immediate.

Resources: B21 website

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