Bitcoin ETF Approval: 4 Possible Consequences

The approval of the various Bitcoin ETF applications was less than a week ago. We saw a short pump, followed by a correction. 

There are different scenarios for how the Bitcoin ETF approval will play out. In the short term, as well as in the long term. So, we’re going to take a look at four possible consequences of the Bitcoin ETF approval.

1) Bitcoin Price Action

Everybody expected a Bitcoin price pump after the approval. Sure enough, on Thursday morning, the BTC price went up to almost $49k. This happened as soon as the stock exchange opened. It was not expected to last very long, though, this pump. However, I doubt that many people expected it to only last for one day. On Friday 12th January, the BTC price was already dumped. It touched $41.3k and settled around $42.7k. It seems as if this spot ETF was already priced in. The picture below shows the BTC price action over the last couple of days.

Bitcoin spot ETF

Source: Binance

We can safely conclude that the short-term impact of this approval is quite overrated. On the other hand, it’s also safe to say that the long-term effect is rather underrated. The current BTC price is $42,720 and since Friday, it has been moving sideways. The question is if the market has already bottomed out, or if we dump even further. Once the Bitcoin starts to go up from here, the second leg of this bull run may have started. Remember, the last bull run had three legs. 

2) Ethereum in the Spotlights

The next big thing could be an Ethereum spot ETF. As we mentioned before, the Bitcoin spot ETF was already priced in. Now the same thing can happen to Ethereum. On the 10th of January, Ethereum pumped about as hard as Bitcoin. It went from $2,340 to $2.580. If the belief in an Ethereum spot ETF remains, it can keep pumping. ETH won’t be doing a 20x, but 3-4x this year is quite possible. Especially with the spot ETF news. The picture below shows the ETH pump on the 10th of January and the peak 2 days later at $2,717.

Bitcoin ETF

Source: Binance

It is, of course, all about speculation. But let speculation now exactly be what fuels the fire. We saw an incredible BTC price run over the last 13 weeks, based on spot ETF speculation. Here’s something that we should keep in mind, though. Once Ethereum has a run, there’s something else that also tends to have a good run. Let’s discover that in the next part. 

3) Altcoin Season

Altcoin season is in the making. An Ethereum price run typically goes hand in hand with a run for altcoins. Bitcoin will come back into the picture again, don’t worry. In 94 days, the Bitcoin halving is there. That’s when all the spotlights move back to Bitcoin.

However, meanwhile, it wouldn’t surprise me if we saw a first, modest, or minor altcoin season. There’s plenty of time, to see some altcoins go on a roll. That’s how this tends to play out. Bitcoin opens the ball with the first dance. Ethereum immediately takes the dance floor as well, shortly after Bitcoin. Last but not least, all the bystanders or altcoins start joining the fun.

The best time to position yourself is during the bear market. That’s where you have a DCA strategy in place, or other means to fill your bags. During the bull run, that’s when you reap the benefits. It’s not too late, there’s still time left to look around for good opportunities. Various coins still offer good entry points.

4) Bitcoin Gets the Bull Run Ball Rolling

The Bitcoin halving is only a bit over three months away. By that time, Bitcoin is about to take center stage again. The Bitcoin halving is another event that fuels speculation again. As we know by now, speculation fuels crypto prices. If the BTC price goes up, most other crypto assets will follow suit. 

At the same time, this may be when the Bitcoin spot ETFs start doing their thing. As mentioned earlier, their long-term effect is quite underrated. More and more institutions will find their way to the Bitcoin spot ETFs. This process triggers plenty of other actions. At some stage, Bitcoin scarcity will come into play as well. All these reasons will help to increase the upward trend for the BTC price. In the long term, expect more demand for Bitcoin. 

Remember what the Bitcoin supply is? It’s 21 million, not one single BTC more. Most likely, there will be a lot less BTC available. People have lost their keys to their wallets or have lost wallets altogether. Estimates range between 25% to 30% of the Bitcoin supply being lost. That’s around 6 million BTC. In other words, that leaves us with a 15 million BTC supply. Did I mention scarcity already?

So, that means one thing, the BTC price will increase. The bull run is on. Everybody is getting excited again. Crypto is back on the map and retail is looking into it again. So are the media and this time around, also the institutions.


The expected pump after the Bitcoin spot ETF approval was short. However, in the long run, this approval is of important. Institutions will find their way to Bitcoin. This will result in a pump for the whole market. Ethereum and all other altcoins will also profit. With the Bitcoin halving coming up, the crypto market is in a positive vibe. The bull run is about to start in full swing.


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