Bitmaps: Pioneering Individual Ownership in Bitcoin

Challenging the traditional notions of ownership in the digital realm. Bitmaps, a brainchild of Bitoshi Blockamoto.

Bitmaps introduces a new concept that allows individuals to claim ownership of specific Bitcoin blocks. This creates a new era in the metaverse.

What are Bitmaps?

Bitmap takes the idea of ownership a step further. Bitoshi Blockamoto created a world where not only can Bitcoin blocks be enrolled, but the data associated with these blocks can be analyzed in the three-dimensional realm of the metaverse.

The idea behind Bitmap is to allow anyone to participate in Bitcoin’s metaverse. As a result, Bitoshi Blockamoto aims to create a sense of community and collaboration within the digital space.

At the time of writing this article, the Ordinals wallet reported a floor price of 0.0057 BTC for enrolled satoshis in its platform. The statistics speak volumes about the project’s popularity, with more than 68,000 sales recorded and a 24-hour trading volume reaching an impressive 4.68 BTC. Additionally, there are over 23,800 listed bitmaps, and an impressive 29,500 users have claimed ownership.

More About Bitmaps

The open-source nature of Bitmap ensures that users can choose blocks based on their preferences or strategic considerations. Whether it’s a historically significant block or one associated with a notable event, the possibilities are as vast as the Bitcoin blockchain itself.

The vibrant community that has formed around Bitmap is a testament to the project’s success. With thousands of owners actively participating in the metaverse, the project has created a space where enthusiasts, investors, and contributors converge. This community-driven approach ensures that Bitmap evolves organically, with users playing a pivotal role in shaping its future.


Bitmap represents a paradigm shift in the way we perceive ownership and participation in the digital realm. Bitoshi Blockamoto’s vision of allowing individuals to claim ownership of specific Bitcoin blocks and contribute to the metaverse is a bold and innovative concept.

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