Coinbase’s Best Investments in 2023 – Part 4

Today, Coinbase Ventures manages a staggering $1.5 billion portfolio. Indeed, they’ve built up their wealth by making good investments. Naturally, it would be wise to take a peek at the projects they’ve invested in. 

Join us as we do exactly that in this comprehensive four-part article series. This article is the last part of this series. If you’d like to revisit the previous parts, here are the links for the first, and second. Now, let’s dive into five projects below which Coinbase Ventures has set its sights on.

1) Architect

Architect is a DeFi platform that raised $5 million in a seed funding round. Coinbase Ventures was one of the key VCs in said round. Other participants include Circle Ventures, SV Angel, and SALT fund, amongst others.

Architect aims to help financial institutions with their DeFi solutions. Its suite of tools include:

  • Trading Technology. This enables Architect’s customers to execute trades better. They do so by providing features that comprise smart order routing, trading tools, algorithms, and risk management.
  • Market Data and Analytics. For thousands of instruments across many asset classes, Architect provides live and historical data, performance charting, and monitoring tools.
  • White-Label Solutions. Architect makes it easy for their customers to integrate their technology.

All-in-all, Architect empowers its customers to provide better financial services for traders and investors. For sure, this is an innovative project which we’ll keep an eye out for. Next, let’s look at the second Coinbase Ventures project.

2) Dolomite

Dolomite is another DeFi project on Coinbase Ventures’ list of investments. It raised $2.5 million in a funding round led by Draper Goren Holm (DGH) and NGC Ventures. Aside from Coinbase, other investors include WWVentures, 6th Man Ventures and more.

In a nutshell, Dolomite is an Arbitrum-based Decentralized Exchange (DEX). It’s also a Money Market protocol. Simply put, the project specializes in swaps, lending, and borrowing. But, that’s not all!

Dolomite partners with crypto powerhouses like ChainLink, Harvest Finance, and Arbitrum. This empowers Dolomite to provide more benefits to its users. For instance, users can:

  • Trade any crypto asset against any other on-chain.
  • Provide liquidity AND earn lending interest with their assets at the same time.
  • Optimize yield farming rewards by farming with leverage.

Aside from the above, Dolomite is an audited project. This means that smart contract risks are reduced. In turn, users can enjoy a safe trading and earning experience. Now, let us segue into project #3.

3) DFlow

The third project on Coinbase Ventures’ portfolio is DFlow. DFlow raised a total of $5.5 million in a funding round led by Framework Ventures. Other participants include Circle Ventures, Wintermute, and The Spartan Group.

So, what’s DFlow all about? In short, DFlow is a solution for wallets to maximize revenue and deliver the best prices. It has 3 main products, namely Swap, Auctions and Reports. With the trio, DFlow guarantees its users zero slippage and liquidity fees. In addition, DFlow can execute user’s swaps at the best available market price. Indeed, this sounds like a great product for frequent DeFi traders.

Unfortunately, DFlow’s target audience is not retail investors like you and me. DFlow is looking to work with DeFi projects to improve their liquidity and trading experience. But still, do keep an eye out for this project. If its integrations roll out, we could be looking at a future winner.

Without further ado, we move on to our fourth Coinbase Ventures project.

4) Credora

Credora is an institutional credit project. Led by Coinbase Ventures and S&P Global Ratings, its strategic funding round raised a total of $6 million. Other participants of the round are Hashkey Capital, Kucoin Ventures, and The Spartan Group.

Other than lending, Credora uses privacy-enhancing features for its platform. With that, Credora hopes to bring transparent and efficient markets to its users.

Indeed, Credora hopes to create a platform to “streamline the lending lifecycle”. To do so, Credora provides the above features for users to manage their assets and risk. All of which are accessible within a one-stop-shop platform. Hence, users can manage their assets with information, convenience, and ease of mind.

Last but not least, let us hop on to our final project on this list.

5) Alluvial

Alluvial is a liquid staking project. In its seed round, Alluvial raised $6.2 million from Coinbase Ventures, Kraken, Figment, and Kiln. Then, it went on to raise a further $12 million in a Series A round led by Ethereal Ventures and Variant Fund.

To elaborate further, Alluvial is a software development company. Its main product is the Liquid Collective. With it, Alluvial aims to foster staking efforts within various blockchains.

But, how does Liquid Collective stand out amongst its competitors like Lido and Ankr? Well, it’s got better compliance since it implements AML/KYC rules. Moreover, it has better safety and security. This is because of its strong infrastructure, various audits, and insurance for your stake.

For sure, security for user’s funds is the most important in DeFi. Alluvial understands this. Therefore, it has built Liquid Collective around that principle.


Voila! That sums it up for this four-part article series. In total, we’ve brought you 20 DeFi projects which Coinbase Ventures has invested into. Now, will they replicate their stellar returns with these projects? And if they do, will you be riding this bullish wave with them?


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