Crypto Events to Watch in October 2023

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Let’s discover another crypto events that are happening this month.

1) 20 Oct: $AXS – Token Unlock

$AXS represents the native token of Axie Infinity, a popular play-to-earn blockchain-based game. Token unlocks are typically events where a portion of a project’s tokens that were previously locked become accessible or tradable.

In this case, the release of approx 14 million $AXS tokens could influence the token’s price and liquidity on the market. Token unlocks are closely monitored by investors and traders as they can impact the supply and demand dynamics of a cryptocurrency.

2) 23 Oct: $OP – RetroPGF 3 Application Deadline

RetroPGF 3 is an event associated with $OP (Optimism), likely referring to an application deadline. However, the exact details of RetroPGF 3 and its significance for the $OP project are not specified.

Investors and followers of the project should watch for official announcements and updates to gain a clearer understanding of the event’s purpose.

3) 24 Oct: $DOT – Slot Auction Unlock

Polkadot ($DOT) is a multi-chain network that uses parachains for scalability and interoperability. Slot auctions are a mechanism used by Polkadot to allocate parachain slots to projects. Unlocking slot auctions suggests that new projects may gain the opportunity to secure parachain slots on the Polkadot network.

This is an important event for projects looking to launch on Polkadot, as it can affect their ability to access and utilize the network’s resources.

4) 25 Oct: $GHST – Aavegotchi x The Sandbox

Aavegotchi ($GHST) is a project that combines DeFi and NFTs, allowing users to own and interact with unique digital collectibles. The collaboration with Sandbox suggests a partnership or integration between the two projects.

Also, such collaborations can introduce new features or use cases for $GHST tokens and Aavegotchis within The Sandbox virtual world. Creating exciting opportunities for users and collectors.

5) 26 Oct: SEC-Kwon do Hearing

The SEC – Kwon do Hearing appears to be a legal or regulatory event involving an individual named “Kwon.” However, without more specific information, it’s challenging to determine the exact nature of this hearing or its relevance to the cryptocurrency space.

So, regulatory hearings can have implications for specific projects or individuals, so it’s important to monitor developments in this regard.

6) 30 Oct: $SOL – BreakPoint 2023

BreakPoint 2023 associated with Solana suggests an event or conference related to the Solana blockchain.

Also, Solana is known for its high throughput and scalability, and events like these often provide a platform for developers, projects, and the Solana community to discuss advancements, partnerships, and future plans for the ecosystem.

7) 30 Oct: $RNDR – Solana Migration Unveil

$RNDR (Render Token) is associated with the Render network, which offers decentralized rendering services for digital content creators. The Solana migration unveil implies that $RNDR might be migrating or launching on the Solana blockchain.

Such migrations can introduce new opportunities and features for the token holders and the project’s users.

8) 31 Oct: $XLM – Soroban Mainnet Vote

This event suggests a significant vote related to the Stellar ($XLM) blockchain, likely involving a proposal or decision related to the Soroban mainnet upgrade.

So, Stellar is known for its fast and cost-effective transactions, and mainnet upgrades often bring improvements to the network.

Other Crypto Events

$COMBO – Mainnet.

$ZIL – Zilliqa 2.0 Phase 1.

$T – $thUSD Launch.

$WSM – Buyback Program.

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