Crypto PASSIVE INCOME upto 35%

Smart money always gets in the earliest to great projects. And it sucks for us little guys, right? I mean how can we compete with a16z or Pantera Capital? We can’t. So we can’t earn what they do. But, there are some early smart money opportunities we DO have access to now.

One of crypto’s oldest venture funds gives us a chance to earn a couple of different ways from what they offer. In fact, you can join them for co-investment. So, today we have a passive income opportunity on 3 coins that you can’t stake. Interested? Let’s take a look.

On the platform we will show you today, you can earn even on coins that you can’t stake. That’s why we are showing it to you today. Three coins we like a lot, including Bitcoin, are famously non-interest-bearing and non-stakeable. But on this platform, you can earn a nice ROI of up to 15%.

What is Cryptonomy?

Cryptonomy started as a VC for Web3 and they’ve invested in over 100 projects. They’ve been around since 2017 too. That’s a LONG time in this business. So, Cryptonomy has its own launchpad and partners with other leading launchpads like Seedify, EnjinStarter, BSC Pad, Trustpad, among others. So they’ve been in the game a LONG time.

In fact, they’ve backed or helped launch some great projects like Lossless, Rejuve AI, DeRace, and Open Ocean. But that’s not all. They have their own investment and interest-earning platform too. Unlike the launchpad business, which has some limits due to its KYC (read: Americans), anyone can use this platform to earn interest on their coins.

There are 17 coins you can earn in total. There are 3 stablecoins and the rest are big blue chip projects all but 1 of which are in the top 30 in market value. So it’s the usual suspects. But they do offer interest on Bitcoin and Litecoin too, which we know are non-interest bearing in any way. More on that coming up.  This is a customized service and they custody with BitGo, the industry leader.

The main service they really offer is their launchpad. And you get to take part in it. Here we will show you what the platform looks like.

Unique Offering: Earn on Non-Staking Coins

You see that we are split into 3 categories:

  1. Flexible Earnings. 
  2. Fixed Earnings. 
  3. Launchpool. (Where you can find x100 early opportunities)

Flexible and Fixed are exactly what you think they are. Flexible means you can move your funds out or change to another coin anytime you want. Fixed is for a fixed period of time. And then there’s the launch pool. You can see past projects in there and their ROI at all-time highs for projects like:

  • CryptoGPT.
  • XCAD, who we’ve featured here on the channel before.
  • Arbipad.

Then upcoming events and we can see that the physical NFT platform Another 1 will launch its raise on the 30th. Notice up at the top that you see both average and all-time high ROIs and the average is 7.5x. NICE. We can see the total number of projects is 57, money raised is $18.1 million, and the distribution.

We see that GameFi is the most popular category here. Now let’s look at the returns. First, you see they are big numbers. But understand that there is a profit share. You are not getting that return. It’s a 50/50 split between you and Cryptonomy.

To show one example of how Cryptonomy’s offerings are unique in the market. We are looking at the 3 coins in our account for a little over $2000. They offer 17 total but we chose Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Arbitrum. And what do these coins have in common?

There’s NO staking available for them

Bitcoin and Litecoin can’t be staked because they are Proof of Work projects. Also, Arbitrum acts as a Layer 2 for Ethereum and settles all its transactions in ETH or aETH, which is the Arbitrum bridged version. So, Arbitrum has its own validators but they are not staking for security or other purposes. Because Arbitrum acts as a rollup and uses Ethereum for security.

Arbitrum doesn’t have staking for its coin. That’s the point anyway. And now we can earn interest on it using Cryptonomy. Arbitrum pays the most at 28.5% while Bitcoin pays 24%.

Getting Started on Cryptonomy

Getting started is easy. You sign up and register with an email and a password. Then, deposits. You deposit funds into your wallet. From here, you can join the flexible or fixed pools. Or you can view projects in the launch pool. 

Then you create a contract where you invest into the launch pool in whatever crypto you’ve deposited and based on what tier you qualify for.  Cryptonomy accepting 17 different coins for investment into the launch pool is a nice feature and gives lots of flexibility here whether you want to use Tether, Bitcoin, or any other coin Cryptonomy supports.

You can see here that you are locking in for a year and your profit split with Cryptonomy is 50/50, as I mentioned earlier.

So if you are interested in a new innovative launch pool that also pays you while you wait for the project you want to invest in, then click the link below and check out Cryptonomy today.

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