It’s pushing the boundaries in several key areas driving liquidity across the ecosystem, and ecosystem growth initiatives like Jupiter.

The JUP token, currently serving as the governance token, is pivotal in voting on critical ecosystem elements, including launchpad projects and list disputes. Let’s discover more about Jupiter (JUP).

Transforming Governance Tokens to Decentralized Economy Currency

We tried to summarize Jupiter’s roadmap:

  • Jupiter’s DAO: Given the DAO’s agenda to propel the decentralized meta, a flurry of intriguing proposals is anticipated.

The next major phase for JUP involves expanding Jupiter to mainstream audiences. Thereby exponentially growing the ecosystem and building foundational financial systems like a global atomic market. The objective is to transition JUP from a governance token to the currency of a fully-fledged decentralized economy. Key to this goal is increasing the real user base by approximately 10 times.

  • Tokenomics: Jupiter’s tokenomics is underpinned by the 50/50 thesis: 10 billion JUP tokens, with half managed by the team and half distributed to the community, ensuring a balance of interests.
  • Cold Wallet Release: The cold wallet release conditions are strict, with co-signers ensuring transparency and adherence to the roadmap, which includes allocations for the team, Mercurial stakeholders, and airdrop.
  • Initial circulating supply: The initial circulating supply of JUP has been revised to 1.35 billion, including allocations for the airdrop, launchpool, loans to CEX market makers, and immediate liquidity pool needs. A buffer of 33 million JUP caters to unforeseen circumstances like compromised wallets.
More About JUP’s Launch

Ongoing circulation involves allocations for LFG launchpad fees, team liquidity needs, and community initiatives. Pre-announced token movements from hot wallets maintain transparency. What is not held in these designated wallets effectively becomes the circulating supply.

This comprehensive strategy positions Jupiter not just as a leader in DeFi exchanges but as a catalyst for the evolution of a decentralized digital economy. So, the sophisticated tokenomics and governance model of JUP reflect Jupiter’s commitment to community-driven growth and technological innovation.

Finally, Jupiter, as it expands and integrates new features and services, continues to be poised to redefine the landscape of decentralized finance and digital currency. You can read more info here. Continue reading the second part.

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