EXPLOSIVE Crypto AI GEM - 42X Potential!

Most Crypto AI projects are over-hyped! But not this one. This one has received grants from tech giants like Google, nvidia. Yes you guessed it right, its one of my favorite AI project ChainGPT. 

At the time of its token IDO, $CGPT crossed an all-time high of 42.2X. That’s only because it delivered several products that are in actual use. But why am I talking about it now? Well, we just came to know about its ambitious roadmap ahead. And it seems ChainGPT is one project that you cannot miss in the coming bullrun.

What is ChainGPT?

ChainGPT is an AI crypto project designed to provide crypto-focused solutions. So, this means its use cases revolve around blockchain technology and crypto. ChainGPT offers services such as:

  • Blockchain analytics. 
  • AI trading. 
  • Smart contract development.
  • AI auditing.
  • Risk management.

A quick glance at ChainGPT and you’ll realize that it has huge potential. You can use ChainGPT to improve your market knowledge. ChainGPT’s AI model provides insightful marketing analysis. There is also an AI chatbot that can respond to queries and deliver current information on things like:

  • Market analysis. 
  • Blockchain data.
  • Cryptocurrency prices.

ChainGPT’s real-time updates are invaluable in a field where even a single second can have a big impact. It can give experts the advantage they need to make sound decisions. Now let’s look at some of ChainGPT’s existing products.

What Has Chain GPT Achieved?

Most crypto projects are all about promises and hype. But a good way to know the real deal is by checking what they’ve achieved. The ChainGPT team has busied themselves with offering real value. I went through the project’s roadmap. And ChainGPT is following what’s on its roadmap in great detail.

The team has built a robust suite of AI-crypto products already. Both new and experienced traders can benefit from these products. Here’s a look at some existing tools:

  • AI NFT Generator: ChainGPT wants to make it easy to create custom NFT collections. So, its AI NFT Generator tool will enable you to generate NFTs based on their descriptions. The best part is that you can do this without the need for a graphic designer or Solidity developer. ChainGPT’s AI-NFT Generators take care of the generation and deployment of NFTs onto the blockchain. So no need to learn Midjourney or Stable Diffusion, either.
  • AI Smart-Contract Generator: Smart contracts are the foundation of DeFi applications. However, creating smart contracts can be labor-intensive. And requires technical skills.

But Chain GPT’s AI model helps to create smart contracts on demand. This, for me, is a standout feature.

So, you can generate contracts based on your desired features. And you do not need to have coding experience. This system also provides a quick and reliable audit process. It allows you to paste existing contract codes into ChainGPT. The system stays updated with new Solidity Pragma versions and security vulnerabilities. This ensures you have efficient smart contracts.

  • AI Trading Assistant: As I said earlier, ChainGPT provides you with real-time access to on-chain data. This includes the prices of some cryptocurrencies. The whole idea is to help you make informed decisions.This trading assistant also provides data on
    • Market sentiment.
    • Live news updates.
    • Technical analysis.

  • AI Smart Contract Auditor:

    ChainGPT also developed a Smart Contract Auditor. This tool takes code as input. It then runs several evaluations based on the vast history of the crypto industry’s information set. Finally, it detects possible risks before deploying the contracts.

Think of the time and money this saves over internal engineering or outside consultants looking over your smart contracts. And you can go to market faster now too.

  • AI Chatbot: With its own chatbot, you can chat with it and ask it questions that aren’t always easy to find in a Google search.

ChainGPT’s impressive portfolio of AI tools is a great start in Crypto AI. I believe ChainGPT has what it takes to change the crypto space.

      1. It will provide new possibilities for the integration of intelligent automation within the crypto space.
      2. It will simply be the process of generating smart contracts.
      3. Improve innovation in NFTs and content creation.
What’s Coming Next?

ChainGPT plans to roll out more features in Q4-2023. The team already achieved almost all it set for previous quarters. The team has successfully gained substantial grants from:

  • Google Cloud ($350,000).
  • Nvidia ($100,000).
  • BNB Chain (gas grant).

This shows a huge endorsement of ChainGPT. The team plans to upgrade some of its services to include new functionalities.

Here’s what the team is working on:

  • The launch of an AI-powered security extension.
  • Mobile App Release: ChainGPT plans to launch on iOS and Android with a built-in crypto wallet.
  • Upgrades to its AI assistant
  • Expansion of its AI chatbot to include more features and capabilities.
  • Improved wallet integrations
  • Marketplace integration. This will help integrate popular NFT marketplaces into the AI NFT Generator. So, users can have direct access to list and sell their generated NFTs.

ChainGPT has already partnered with Binance to bring its AI News Generator to millions of users.

Chain GPT Could be the Biggest Undervalued Gem

The AI crypto market is highly competitive. And dominated by the likes of:

  • Fetch.AI
  • SingularityNET
  • Oasis Network
  • The Graph
  • Render Network
  • Ocean Protocol

ChainGPT’s market cap sits at $27.9 million. That pales in comparison to some of the top AI projects. ChainGPT is pushing out top-quality projects beyond its current valuation. And that’s a good thing for me.

A project with good fundamentals and a dedicated team is surely going to have a valuation that matches its value someday. And that day will come soon. ChainGPT has the right fundamentals to stand out in the AI crypto market.

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