Anybody who has done our Scroll Tasks will be eligible for this little meme coin Airdrop.

If you haven’t, you can subscribe to Altcoin Buzz Alpha and not miss another opportunity like this.

Users can Now Claim Frog Tokens on Scroll Chain

Currently, Users Who Bridge to $SCROLL can claim a total of 700,000,000 FROG tokens.

Here are some details of the airdrop:

  • Token Ticker: $FROG.
  • Contract:
  • Total Supply: 1000 billion $FROG tokens.
  • Available for claim: 7M Frog per claim (you can claim multiple times)
  • The total available for the claim: 700 billion $FROG tokens.
  • So the Team has 300 billion $FROG
  • Claim fee: $0.4
  • Claim End: Dec 9th.
  • Listing: Dec 10th.

Warning: Do use a burner wallet of course. Most of these projects can drain your wallet!

More about the FROG Airdrop Claim

Right now you get nothing. And hope that one day this meme-coin has some speculative value. So, the goal here is to:

  • You are getting farmed!
  • You pay $0.4 for each claim (1 claim is 7 Million), That goes to the creators. So for a total of 700 billion. That’s $40,000 to the team!
  • Add to the 300 billion coins they will hold once the token has some value.

We just thought we would explain this to you. What will you do? Claim or no claim? Let’s discuss this in the comments.

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