Meet the Blockchain Mavens at Blockdown

Updated: 04/02 11:10 Am – CZ and more Join Virtual Conference BlockDown 2020

As the coronavirus pandemic continues its global wrath, major blockchain conferences stand canceled. As it happens, even the very bullish conferences like Paris, Istanbul, and Korea Blockchain Week are out of date.

Be that as it may, EAK Digital is all set to shatter the impact of social isolation and international travel lockdown in the blockchain space. Reaching out to over 3,000 attendees, it is hosting Blockdown, the virtual blockchain conference. And this will bring  100 plus paramount international speakers to your home(virtually).

This 2 day-long 100% digital blockchain extravaganza debuts on April 16. Furthermore, it promises to be an incredible industry-focused conference. Moreover, that could be the pre-eminent reason for Blockdown’s decorated speaker list.

Blockchain Hot Shots

Popular global artist Akon (Co-Founder Akoin), Roger Ver (Executive Chairman and Jimmy Song (Bitcoin Educators) will live-stream into panel discussions, press conferences and interactive talks.

As announced on April 2nd, more finest minds and speakers have joined the virtual conference speaker list:(Updated 2nd April 2020)

  • Changpeng Zhao, CEO, and founder of Binance

  • Da Hongfei, Founder NEO

  • Erik Voorhees CEO, ShapeShift

  • David Chaum, Founder XX Network

  • Alexander Kech, OnChain Custodian

According to Erhan Korhaliller, Founder/CEO EAK digital, the conference promises to compensate for the absence of major offline conferences. Besides that, he claims that Blockdown will render a better experience than offline conferences.

What will the attendees experience?

Furthermore, this first of its kind In-Real Life blockchain conference. And seems to be feature-packed for networking and learning opportunities. Blockdown is accessible from anywhere in the world at a participation fee of just $25. And that sounds like a pretty good bargain as it might prove to be a field day for blockchain aspirants.

  • Watch live illustrations
  • 3D Avatar Fireside Chats
  • Visit virtual exhibition booth areas and interact with project teams directly
  • AMA’s, Polls and Q and A’s
Is your area of interest being covered?

Interestingly, AMA’s and interactions will span 8 major spectrums of blockchain. These will be

  • Investment in Cryptocurrency
  • Social Impact
  • Gaming Industry and Blockchain
  • Smart trading in Blockchain
  • DeFi space
  • Security aspects of blockchain and cryptocurrency
  • Privacy
  • Enterprise blockchain trends for 2020
Are there any Major Announcements?  

With 100+ media partners including Altcoin Buzz, the conference is a brilliant advertising opportunity. Especially, for aggressive projects like Akion to reach masses amidst lockdown. Moreover, a little bird told us that Akon might make a major announcement.

Furthermore, EAK digital was all set to host IstanBlock 2020 on 9th and 10 April. Unfortunately, the COVID-19 outbreak bought all the preparations to a screeching halt. Nevertheless, that did not dampen the spirit of the EAK Digital Team. According to Korhaliller, the team immediately shifted the focus to hosting a digital conference. Furthermore, the focus is to whet the appetite of socially isolated blockchain aspirants. For that, it is offering an in real-life experience with premium tools like Slack, Zoom and 3D conferencing.

Additionally, Blockdown is bringing the community together. Along with that, it promises to offer a fun and sociable environment. Altcoin Buzz is thrilled to be present there as a media partner and offers you a 20% community discount for joining the conference. Here is the AltcoinBuzz Community code: AltcoinBuzz20

If I did the maths right for only $20 you get to attend a 2-day international Blockchain conference in your pajamas. 


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