How Many Kaspa KAS to Become a Crypto Millionaire?

Let me ask you a simple question. How many altcoins make an all-time high in a bear market? Only a few, right? That is why we cannot ignore this particular altcoin because it’s up  74,385% in the last 1 year – that is 740X in a bear market.

I’m talking about Kaspa and its token KAS which is up. And this happens to be one of the favorite altcoins of our audience. For this project, we think it’s only the beginning. And stocking up now could make you a millionaire someday. How, let’s take a look!

KAS Historical Performance

Before I come to an exact number of Kaspa you need to become a millionaire, you and I need to understand where KAS could go from here. And to do that, we first need to understand where it’s been.

For those of you hearing of Kaspa for the first time, It uses DAG as Fantom and Hedera Hashgraph do. This allows for a faster logging of transactions than putting them into blocks as regular chains do.

It also makes Kaspa more scalable than many chains without adding centralization to the mix. It’s proof of work with a fair launch and only 1 second block times. You can buy it at:

  • Kucoin.
  • BYDFI.
  • Bitget.
  • ByBit, among others.

Most of us are not whales holding hundreds of thousands of KAS. So this means we will need to see a big price move to become a Kaspa millionaire.

More About Kaspa (KAS)

But it could happen. Kaspa, which until recently was flying under the radar, is the #45 market cap project in crypto. It’s a surprise to many it’s ranked so high as I know there are some of you out there who are hearing about this coin for the first time.

The Kaspa market cap is just over $1 billion placing it between Arbitrum and Injective. That gives you an idea of how big this project is. The total supply of KAS is 21.2 billion, with all 21.2 billion in circulation. Its recent all-time high was on Nov 19 at 15.3 cents. Today’s price is 12.8 cents.

Usually hot, fast-moving projects like this benefit from a limited supply of tokens in circulation. Then a few people bid up the price and that equals a big jump. Not true here. With all 21 billion in circulation, there is no supply overhang.

The all-time low from 18 months ago is 17 one-hundredths of a cent or $0.00017. Those days are long gone.  But could Kaspa hit new all-time highs and make some millionaires? Yes, yes it can. Do you think KAS will hit a new all-time high? Let us know in the comments below.

What do the KAS Charts Say?

We asked our Technical Analysis team to look at Kaspa and here’s what they had to say. Their token launch in November 2021 during the bear market meant they did not get too high flyer status to see a huge drop during our long bear market.

It took until February 2023 for Kaspa to cross 1 cent. That’s definitely a psychological support point. The recent low of 1.3 cents is from May 2023.

Source: Coingecko

KAS only passed 5 cents for the first time last month. We are waiting to see if breaking through this resistance gets more confirmation in the charts.

How Much KAS = $1 million?

We like Kaspa for:

  • It’s a Proof of Work system.
  • It’s a fair launch.
  • It’s a lightweight chain.
  • It’s a parallel block creation setup.
  • It’s solid tokenomics.

So how much KAS does it take? In the next 2-5 years, we see KAS going up to $3-5. That would mean Kaspa is worth 100 billion. That’s the range where Tether is now. So at $3, that means you would need 333,333 KAS.

Or in the upper end of our range, you would need 200,000 KAS to become a Kaspa millionaire. And at today’s price, you can get 200,000 KAS for $11,600. That’s A LOT of potential upside.

Do you think KAS could hit $3-5? Let us know in the comments below.

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