Top 5 Mind-Blowing AI Crypto Projects

Artificial Intelligence (AI) made an entrance with an impact on a global level. This included the crypto space. As a result, AI is set to change and influence the crypto space.

For example, worldwide investment in AI by 2025 should be around $200 billion. Let’s discover more about these AI crypto projects that could do a 100x.

1) Mozaic

Mozaic uses AI combined with LayerZero technology. With his combination, it provides automatic yield farming. Now, as a user, you need to make all these decisions if you’re yield farming. For instance, transaction fees or risks when moving positions between farms. Mozaic automates this process. 

As a result, Mozaic can move funds around to the best, optimized yield farms. It’s also interoperable, so it doesn’t matter on which blockchain this farm is. Another great feature is their usage of real yield. So, there’s no inflated token emission going on. When moving funds between farms, it also auto-compounds the yield. It does under its own steam, without the involvement of any VCs.

They called their AI Archimedes. Its main goal is to save you time and maximize your profitability. Each hour, it compounds and rebalances assets. When needed, it moves assets to the highest APY pools. Currently, the Mozaic token has a market cap of $3.6 million.

2) Delysium

Our second AIcrypto project is Delysium. This is about AI-powered blockchain gaming. It’s a Web3 virtual society, powered by AI. The current main game is a player-owned MMO game, called ‘Battle City’. More games are to follow soon. 

The protocol supports various Delysium Universes. They are part of the Delysium Multiverse. You can compare them to a private server. However, a Delysium Multiverse Operator operates them. It has the capability to customize both the tokenomics and any on-chain assets. There are no fees involved for this. As a result, Delysium offers blockchain gaming experiences that are diverse.

Delysium offers DMAs, which are exclusive memberships to their universes. The DMAs allow you to select, vote, and support the various universes. There’s also Lucy, the first AI-powered Web3 operating system. It’s currently in beta, and you can join a waiting list. See the video below. Delyisum’s AGI token has currently a market cap of $10.6 million.

3) Optimus AI

Optimus AI is our third AI crypto project. It was built around Elon Musk’s Optimus robot development. However, it is not associated in any way with Elon Musk or Tesla. It’s also good to point out that their OPTI token is a meme token. On the other hand, if Optimus AI manages to complete its roadmap, it will have a lot more to offer.

For example, the project should add more AI features. Furthermore, with its Vesting Funds, it plans to invest in AI projects. 

The OPTI token saw a fair launch, and all 100 million tokens circulated. Its market cap is $18.3 million. Be aware that if you sell your OPTI tokens, there’s a 6% tax. Be aware that the OPTI smart contract has a variable tax function. In other words, the token owner can change the tax input.

4) 0x0

0x0 is an all-in-one privacy platform. It uses AI-based safety tools for privacy. If you are an OXO token holder, you get a share in the platform’s revenue. Some of its AI-based features include, among others:

  • Anti-Rug AI — Protects you from DeFi scams.
  • Privacy DEX — Works like an aggregator with enhanced privacy and security.
  • AI Developer Hub — Write AI-enhanced smart contracts, no need to code.
  • Privacy Mixer — Makes transactions anonymous.
  • AI Auditor — Analyses smart contracts. It looks for security risks or scams.

You can find the platform’s core values in these three features, 

  • Privacy — It protects your data and transactions.
  • Security — It uses meticulous security measures.
  • Confidentiality — It uses privacy-enhanced technologies and advanced encryption.

The OXO token has a market cap of $96.6 million. 89% of the tokens circulate.

5) Chain GPT

Chain GPT is the AI expert for crypto and blockchain-related topics. It’s like anything you always wanted to know about blockchain or crypto but never dared to ask. Chain GPT should have the answer. Some of its features include, for example:

  • Smart Contracts Development.
  • Market Analysis.
  • AI Auditor.
  • Blockchain Analytics.
  • Risk Management.
  • Code Explainer.
  • Knowledge & Guidance.
  • Automated Source of News.
  • Advanced AI Trading.

And this is only the tip of the iceberg. Plenty of other use cases are available. However, currently, only 4 options are available. For example, Chain GPT provides you with a smart contract. You don’t need any coding knowledge. The amazing part is, there’s a free plan and two paid versions.

The CPGT token‘s market cap is $47.5 million. The token price is currently in an uptrend with 180.9% gains during the last 30 days.


AI is taking the world by storm. The crypto market is no exception. We take a closer look at five AI projects that are up and coming. This thread was inspired by Ceryl-DeFi’s X post.


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