Hidden Gems: Top 3 Altcoins With ULTRA Low Caps

The bull run is back. It’s time to hunt down altcoins that can give you a 50X to 100x return. Being early in crypto is important. I have been saying that repeatedly. And for good reasons. You want to look for altcoins that are not that well known yet or have a small marketcap. 

Well, you’re in the right place. My team and I found three altcoins that fit the above-mentioned criteria. These projects are working hard to establish themselves. Furthermore, these altcoins still have small market caps. A perfect combination that makes them projects with high potential. So, let’s dive in.

1) Serenity Shield ($SERSH)

First, we have Serenity Shield and its $SERSH token. It looks like many of you out there know this one is a high-potential token. The v2 version of the token now has more stakers by both number and $SERSH tokens than v1 had. Serenity is opening up 2 new staking pools to accommodate the higher demand. Staking $SERSH is a great deal.

And it’s not just the token we like. We like the project too. Its signature StrongBox service is going to become the Dropbox of Web3 in no time. People love the ingenious use of NFTs to split up private keys for better security. Serenity Shield is part of 2 narratives we like A LOT, Infrastructure and DePIN. 

Now they are related since the IN in DePIN is for infrastructure networks. But projects that want everything Web3 native including storage and Web hosting and such need solutions like StrongBox to do it. Now even governments are getting in on it. The decentralized nature of these networks makes them more secure when holding sensitive data.

You can buy $SERSH at PancakeSwap for DEX lovers. And the CEX listings are at Gate.io and MEXC. You can farm $SERSH on SmarDEX pairing $SERSH with wBNB. The ROI is a staggering 360%. WOW.

Like all farms, the ROI changes as the TVL grows, but that’s a serious opportunity there for 2 coins you want to be holding anyway. New listings on more exchanges are on the way. So you can expect more places to buy and more people getting access to $SERSH soon. We are confident the successful journey for Serenity Shield is just beginning.


With QORPO World, we move into the blockchain game space. It takes a unique approach with its $QORPO token. In general, all games have their token. However, once a game is over its top, the token will decline in value together with the game. 

That’s where the $QORPO token is different. It’s a multipurpose ecosystem token. In other words, $QORPO integrates in all their game titles, throughout its ecosystem. This means that the token always remains relevant. As a result, the utilities of the token are quite impressive. For example:

  • It’s an ecosystem token It integrates with all gaming titles throughout the ecosystem.
  • Governance — Take part in platform governance.
  • Buy-back and burn — $QORPO is a deflationary token.
  • Staking — It offers a wide spectrum of staking options.
  • Reward for players — Engaging with the platform earns you $QORPO tokens.
  • Onboard Web2 gamers — They can buy NFTs with $QORPO.

This unique approach is paying off on various levels. DappRadar stats tell us that QORPO has 17.5k UAW (Unique Active Wallets). That’s a daily increase of 63%. Transactions are also up by 57%. But that’s not all. QORPO also has some top-notch gaming titles, like, for instance, Citizen Conflict.

The $QORPO token is also doing great. It launched late last month. In this short timeframe, it went from $0.22 to its current price of $1.19. That’s an easy 5x, with plenty more room to go higher. The market cap is $27.7 million.

3) LayerAI ($LAI)

LayerAI combines DePIN with AI. Two of the top narratives for this bull run. It aims to monetize data within AI models. Currently, the chain already hosts apps with over 2 million end users. LayerAI rebranded from CryptoGPT.

Here are the most important components of LayerAI. For example, the protocol also built a Layer 2 chain with the Polygon SDK on top of Ethereum. It uses zk Rollups and:

  • Layer VPN — This VPN functions as a node.
  • KyotoX — A DEX lending platform with a focus on AI projects.
  • Layer Marketplace — An NFT marketplace. You can transact Data Capsule NFTs here.
  • LayerAI app — You can sell and buy the NFT Data Capsules here.

The Data Capsule NFTs represent your dataset. For instance, your browsing history. You can mint these capsules and start AI2Earn. In other words, you can monetize your browsing data. And here’s the kicker, AI algorithms are in dire need of this kind of data. 

So, big tech firms monetize these data and make trillions of dollars by doing so. With the LayerAI Data Capsules, you stay in control over your data. You can sell your data with your permission and at a price that you’re happy with. You can trade the Capsules on the Layer Marketplace. 

The $LAI token has been doing well. Over the last 30 days, it’s up by 208%. That’s still a 2x away from its ATH. I can see it blast past that ATH. The current market cap is $23.8 million. Which of these 3 altcoins did you like best? 



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