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Hello everyone, this is Cryptomoonie bringing you another Community Speaks article. In the paragraphs that follow, I will discuss the Fusion Protocol.

The Fusion Protocol is determined to “build the financial fabric of the digital economy”. Their mission is to make the fluidity of digital assets and value as smooth and frictionless as the information we share. Fusion’s goal is to provide interoperability between traditional assets and digital assets.

The Fusion protocol raised over 40 million dollars back in the early months of 2018. Fusion’s CEO, Dejun Qian (Dj), is a blockchain pioneer who previously created Qtum and Vechain. It was Dj’s past successes that have made Fusion the success it is today. With more than 40 partnerships across different sectors in business, and a recent partnership with Binance that has everyone talking positively about the leadership and team behind the project.

Fusion has several use cases that give the token true value and utility. Here are some of the use cases.

  1. ENRICH DIGITAL ASSETS: Create bonds, options, futures, enforce restricted shares and more by separating the rights and ownership of an asset over time.
  2. CREATE AN EXCHANGE: Whether it is OTC trading, private exchange, centralized, decentralized, or somewhere in between–Fusion’s tools will let you create a low-fee transaction platform for the assets of your choice.
  3. MANAGE LICENSES & ROYALTIES: Issue licenses with expiration dates and collect royalties with minimal delay and middle-men for your intellectual property (such as software) and creative content (such as media).
  4. License your Song: Digitize a song as an asset and create a variable supply of time-locked tokens. The time-lock period for each token determines how long the song can be played.  Sell these tokens to listeners and digital service providers.
  5. Create Asset-Backed Bond: Digitize a building and use it as collateral for a bond. Reach a global network of investors without relying on rent-seeking middlemen.
  6. Rent your house: Digitize access keys to smart locks for your house and control the exact period of access with time-locked tokens. Integrate this time-based ledger against front-end booking application and remove physical dependencies, such as being present to deliver a key.
  7. Get a Cash Advance on your future revenues: Whether you have an existing revenue stream or will have one in the future, sell a portion of this future revenue for a period of time, in return for cash today.
  8. Manage Foreign Exchange Risk: Quantum swap future time locks between a USD Stable Coin and EUR Stable Coin today at an agreed upon rate.

At the crux of Fusion is the Distributed Control Rights Management System (DCRM). The DCRM is the technology that helps Fusion provide interoperability with other cryptocurrency algorithms and blockchains in the space. Bitcoin and Ethereum use the Elliptic Curve Digital Signature Algorithm (ECDSA) algorithm and since 80% of cryptocurrencies are powered by this algorithm, this was the first algorithm that the Fusion team enabled to allow interoperability. To learn more about the DCRM, visit the yellow paper.

Fusion uses a custom built consensus engine known as Ticketed Proof of Stake (TPoS) to validate and secure transactions on its decentralized network. That’s right, Fusion is part of the PoS family. Anyone with a home computer and Fusion wallet can set up a node and start securing and powering the fusion network.

Fusion has blazed past its competition without remorse. The team is focused on building out technology and acquiring partnerships. They care about the community and consistently maintain communication with us. Right now, Fusion is up for the “FastTrack” voting on Houbi and they need your help to get listed. To learn more about Fusion, visit and follow on twitter.

The Community Speaks team is made up of members from a wide range of project communities who want to make their voice heard in the Altcoin Buzz community. If you are interested in becoming part of our Community Speaks team please contact @Garrett59 on telegram.


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