Hot New Binance Labs Crypto Opportunity For 2024 Bull Run

Binance Labs and its Launchpool are making a big splash yet again. We’ve told you in previous videos that this is one of the best ways to find early alpha. And they have a new project that just hit the launchpool. It’s their 40th project overall.

Binance’s marketing is so strong you’ve probably seen something about it on CryptoTwitter. But in case you haven’t, we have more details. So today, meet gaming and gaming infrastructure layer Fusionist.

What is Fusionist?

Fusionist is both a game and a game infrastructure layer. Many involved with it including Binance (more of that coming in a minute) believe the infrastructure layer could make huge waves in the gaming sector. There are currently 2 tokens and 3 NFT collections supporting both the game and the infrastructure Fusionist is building. So they have a lot going on.

The big buzz is about the $ACE token launching on Binance. It’s the main token for the ecosystem and how you earn your rewards from gameplay or other ecosystem engagement.

The 2nd token, used more for identity purposes and for making contributions to the community is BOAT. You can earn BOAT in one of 5 different ways including loyalty, contributions, or social. The biggest of the 3 live NFT collections is the Alpha Prestige collection. It’s 500 pieces all with added benefits and perks for use in the Fusionist universe. This includes:

  • Free mints for Fusionist game NFTs.
  • Exclusive event access.
  • Guaranteed airdrop participation.

As of now, there are 322 owners of the 500-piece collection and the floor price is 12.99 ETH or ~$28,000. So this is a successful collection for NFT collection lovers. For example, the original holder of #458 from the collection’s origin in November 2022 paid 2.26 ETH and now it’s available for 12.99 ETH. That’s a 5x+ return. It’s 5x in ETH but then ETH is up 86% in the last 12 months so it’s closer to a 10x total return.

A total volume of over 3900 ETH implies that this collection is more liquid than many NFT collections—another advantage. This is a general-use collection meaning it is for use anywhere in Fusionist. The other 2 collections are Quartan Primes and Bi Mech NFT collections. Both of these are game-specific so you can mint those while you play. But if you get an Alpha Prestige first, then that game mint of these 2 is free.

The Bi-Mech collection, which you can see here on Binance, has 134 owners of mechanical men in any of the game’s 3 classes. They also have various weapons, speed, and defenses. The total collection is 1956 pieces. The floor price here is ~0.5 ETH priced in USD. This collection is active as well with a 24-hour volume of $27,000 or ~25 pieces if bought at the floor price.

The Binance Effect

Just this Monday, Binance announced they are listing and opening trading for the $ACE token. We’ve mentioned this effect before. The biggest alpha from Binance usually comes from a Binance Labs investment. Close behind that is a Binance Launchpool listing, followed by a regular CEX listing on Binance for any Binance customer to be able to buy.

The reasons here are pretty obvious when you think about it. Binance’s volume dwarfs other exchanges. Their listings combined with their marketing power give a huge boost in access and credibility to a newer project. Fusionist is the 40th project to go through the Binance Launchpool and get listed. The project, as stated earlier, is a Binance Labs-backed project.

So it has all this marketing momentum behind it. And now other exchanges are listing it too like LBank, Bithumb, OKX, and PancakeSwap. This is one of the most obvious positive effects of the Binance Effect. Binance might be the only platform in the world where only 24 hours after listing, a crypto project can trade $452 million in 24 hours. Demand is hot for the token. Have you bought any Binance Labs projects before? Let us know in the comments below.

Other Big Things Going On Now

Fusionist has 2 big things going on now:

  1. The Endurance Mainnet launch.
  2. The Nexus Bond.

The Endurance Mainnet is allowing users to sign up with a limit of 3000 per day. Endurance will be how you can track your activity and transact on-chain within Fusionist. Then, we have Nexus Bonds. These are bonds you buy to give your NFT more utility. It enables payments in $ACE All of your Fusionist assets are available for bonus rewards.

This is, in essence, a loyalty program. But it’s a good one. Especially if you are playing one of the Fusionist games already. There’s no point in missing out on rewards you are eligible for.

These 2 big developments are just the beginning of what the future Fusionist world is going to look like very soon.

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