The Secret Project Behind NEAR’s Big Price Increase

What’s more astonishing is that most users of the KaiKai Shopping App, an integral part of this ecosystem, are blissfully unaware that they are engaging with a Web3 application. As the blockchain aspect remains discreetly hidden behind the scenes.

KaiKai achieved the remarkable feat of making blockchain technology virtually invisible to its users. Let’s explore more about this interesting project that is causing NEAR’s Big Price Increase.

Kai-Ching: NEAR Protocol’s Web3 Triumph in Singapore’s KaiKai Shopping App

For the average shopper, the focus is on the app’s functionality, which revolves around presenting irresistible deals in their vicinity. The seamless user experience ensures that the complexities of blockchain technology remain inconspicuous. This allows users to engage effortlessly without the need for technical understanding.

At its core, KaiKai operates as a shopping app that not only offers great deals but also introduces a novel reward system known as Kai-Ching (KAIC). What sets this reward system apart is its unique integration with the NEAR Protocol. Despite the groundbreaking technology at play, the app strategically omits explicit references to blockchain. This ensures widespread accessibility to a diverse user base.

Imagine scrolling through the KaiKai app, exploring enticing offers and discounts tailored to their preferences and geographical location. The app serves as a personal shopper, delivering a curated selection of deals that align with individual tastes. What users may not realize is that every transaction, every deal liked, and every purchase made is underpinned by the invisible power of blockchain technology.

More About Kai-Ching

The Kai-Ching reward system operates on the premise of 1 KAIC being equivalent to 0.01 USD. This cryptocurrency, however, is not intended for traditional withdrawal into fiat currency. Instead, users are encouraged to view KAIC as a form of reward points that can be redeemed within the KaiKai ecosystem. These reward points can be used to offset the cost of future purchases. This creates a cyclical system where engagement is incentivized and loyalty is fostered.

What’s particularly noteworthy is the widespread adoption of KaiKai in Singapore, where a significant portion of the population is using the app without realizing its underlying blockchain architecture. The success of Kai-Ching on NEAR Protocol is for its ability to prioritize user experience and make the technology work for the users rather than the other way around.


The KaiKai Shopping App is closing the gap between the traditional and digital realms of commerce. The app’s popularity in Singapore reflects a broader trend in the Web3 space, where applications that seamlessly integrate blockchain technology stand out among their counterparts.

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