How This Whale Went From $12k to $28M in 300 Days

Discovering success stories can bring solace to many. But understanding the journey of someone who triumphed and understanding the steps to replicate that success can be transformative.

In the expansive realm of web3, a dominant force stands out—crypto whales. Like blue whales dominate the oceans, even a slight movement of these leviathans could create ripples of impact across the crypto seas.

Navigating Crypto Waters

These whales are a massing wealth visibly right before our eyes while maintaining a level-headed approach. They possess financial resources, yet they remain unswayed by their emotions. In a sense, they emulate the strategic mindset of the affluent investor Warren Buffett. Sitting on a substantial $117 billion, Buffett strategically awaits the opportune moment to deploy his capital into the most promising investments.

Similarly, crypto whales exhibit a comparable strategy. They possess the means to invest, yet they exercise patience, waiting for the perfect moment to capitalize on opportunities.

In this article, we will delve into the journey of a particular whale who transformed $12k into $28 million in 300 days.

But How Can We Find And Examine Such Whale Wallets?

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Source: Dex Screener

Uncovering the strategies behind a whale’s remarkable journey from $12,000 to $28 million in just 300 days involves navigating various tools and platforms. Let’s delve into the process step by step.

1. Visit Dex Screener: A Comprehensive Analysis Platform

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Source: Dex Screener

Dex Screener is a robust and free cryptocurrency analysis tool catering to crypto enthusiasts exploring assets across multiple DEXs and networks. Supporting networks like Ethereum, BSC, Polygon, Avalanche, Fantom, Harmony, and more, Dex Screener provides detailed insights into over 1,200 tokens and coins. Moreover, investors can access critical data such as price, market cap, 24-hour volume, and circulating supply and leverage a suite of charting tools for informed decision-making.

2. Explore Trending Tokens on Dex Screener

To unravel the secrets of whale wallets, explore trending tokens in the last 24 hours using Dex Screener. This process serves as a starting point to identify potential assets of interest.

3. Bubblemaps: Visualizing Token Holdings

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Source: Bubblemaps

To gain a transparent and playful view of blockchain data, use Bubblemaps. This innovative platform represents the top holders of a token as bubbles, with each bubble corresponding to a wallet.

As tokens move between holders, their bubbles connect on the map, offering a unique two-dimensional perspective that makes research engaging and convenient. As such, you can copy the token address and check it on this platform for deeper insights.

4. Zerion: Comprehensive Trade History and Holdings

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Source: Zerion

Zerion emerges as an award-winning portfolio management app for DeFi, simplifying the building and managing DeFi portfolios. It provides a secure and convenient way to track trade history and holdings.

But more importantly, Zerion enables users to stay informed about the most recent trends and tokens by allowing them to follow wallet addresses, ENS handles, or NFT collections. You can leverage this platform to gather comprehensive information about the wallet’s trade activities and asset holdings.

5. Crucial Step: Verify with Arkham Intel

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Source: Arkham Intel

Authentication using Arkham Intel is imperative to ascertain the credibility of identified wallet addresses. Arkham is a crypto intelligence platform dedicated to deanonymizing and analyzing blockchain transactions. By systematically connecting transactions with real-world entities and individuals, Arkham Intel serves as a crucial step in validating the authenticity of the whale wallet.

However, a note of caution is warranted. Flashy headlines can often be misleading. Always verify whether the wallet in question is not associated with a CEX. When aiming for significant financial growth, skepticism is key.

Here is the address in question: 0xEf8801eaf234ff82801821FFe2d78D60a0237F97.

When entered into Zerion, it may deceive observers by appearing as a regular wallet—a common misconception. But is it really the case? Verifying the address in Arkham shows it as the address affiliated with RollBit, an online crypto casino.

Another Interesting Finding

During this exploration, another wallet linked to RollBit surfaced. The wallet, earning from various trending tokens this year, boasts a current balance of $140,000, peaking at $2 million. Active withdrawals from RollBit led to the discovery, suggesting a potential connection to the platform.

Here’s the wallet address: 0xf78310Ed6641e6c4E221E9d676440aC8645d3afE

Let’s delve into its top 3 successful trades.


In this trade, the wallet secured an impressive profit of $71,900 from $PSYOP. The strategy employed was clear-cut: identify a token with significant growth potential, leverage the dip in its price, and strategically lock in gains after the subsequent surge.

However, a note of caution echoes in the background.

Despite the apparent success, $PSYOP may not be a prudent investment choice. The crypto lacks a functional website, and its official Twitter account has been silent for months. Additionally, a red flag emerges as a single wallet (ben.eth, creator of the token) holds a substantial portion, if not the entirety, of the token supply. Therefore, investors should tread carefully given these concerning factors.

2. $FUMO

Turning our attention to the second notable triumph within this portfolio, let’s analyze the $FUMO trade. In this instance, the wallet achieved a substantial profit of $151.4K. The strategy employed here aligns with a front-run approach: strategically entering the market immediately after the token launch and capitalizing on the subsequent surge in value by executing timely sales.

Moreover, an intriguing aspect to consider is the potential nature of this wallet. The characteristics of the trading pattern, resembling that of a front-runner, raise the possibility that this wallet may be associated with a bot or a market maker. The automated and precise execution of the strategy aligns with the behavior typically attributed to algorithmic entities in the crypto scene.


On a side note, $FUMO is the native token within the Milady Maker NFT ecosystem, employing a bonding curve pricing mechanism. The Milady Maker NFT collection, featuring 10,000 PFP NFTs inspired by the subcultural fashion tribes of Y2K Japan, gained significant traction since its summer 2021 launch.

Similarly, the $FUMO token experienced exceptional demand during its launch, with its value soaring to an all-time high of over $60,000 within three hours. Presently valued at close to $8,000, $FUMO exhibits promising potential. However, caution is warranted.

Several red flags surround $FUMO. Critical information, such as the maximum and circulating supply, remains undisclosed. Furthermore, the official website lacks essential details regarding token use cases and other pertinent information. Investors should exercise due diligence and carefully weigh these considerations before investing in $FUMO.

3. $BALD

The third notable endeavor in this crypto portfolio involved the gold rush surrounding $BALD, perceived as a highly promising opportunity at the time. $BALD is a memecoin introduced on Coinbase’s Layer 2 testnet, Base.

The project’s value skyrocketed an astonishing 4,000,000% within a mere 24 hours, culminating in an estimated value of $68 million. This meteoric rise was fueled, in part, by substantial initial investments from the deployer, injecting $12 million on the first day.

During this phase, it’s worth noting that $BALD lacked a UI, rendering bridging to the contract impossible. The available bridge was unidirectional, exclusively connecting back to the Ethereum blockchain. Despite these limitations, the coin attracted substantial investments, setting the stage for what would unfold.

As the story turned darker, a rug pull occurred, allowing the deployer to siphon an estimated $23 million from the project. Despite significant investments in the token, the attacker secured a profit of approximately $5.9 million from the orchestrated attack.

Post-rug pull, an investigation unearthed potential connections to Alameda Research, a sibling entity to the now-defunct FTX. The trail also hinted at involvement in major DeFi projects such as Sushi and dydx governance. Speculation arose, suggesting Sam Bankman-Fried might have orchestrated the rug pull. Still, SBF’s limited access to technology and other factors indicated the possibility of another Alameda Research employee being the culprit.

Regrettably, as the $BALD venture concluded with a rug pull, it resulted in significant financial loss for the wallet.  Despite the initial gains, the rugpull severely shrank the overall profit from this venture, amounting to just 3 ETH.


While this wallet’s identity remains uncertain, signs point toward a potential insider or a sniper bot orchestrating its activities. Irrespective of its origin, the wallet has garnered earnings from many trends throughout the year, displaying a remarkable ability to identify and capitalize on emerging opportunities swiftly.

While the nature of this enigmatic wallet remains elusive, its adept navigation of diverse trends positions it as a noteworthy entity to monitor closely. And more importantly, harnessing insights from whale wallets of this caliber, much like our analysis, is essential. Delving into Whale Wallets and dissecting their activities can offer a distinct edge, allowing investors to stay ahead of the curve in the dynamic landscape of web3.


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