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Many cryptocurrency platforms have given an additional passive source of income to its users. If you are completely new to blockchain or cryptocurrency and don’t want to risk your hard-earned money, then there are certain platforms from where you can earn crypto and learn the basics of this new world. Even better, all this you can do with your normal daily shopping routine.

StormX is a platform from where you can earn cryptocurrencies by doing simple additional tasks.

About StormX

StormX is a cryptocurrency company founded in 2014.

The company aims to utilize the digital advertising world by creating an advertising marketplace that rewards users through gamified micro-tasks from anywhere, at any time, and on any device. The tasks can be short surveys, trying out new products, and completing micro-tasks.

Currently, the platform supports more than 500+ top brands.

StormX app

The StormX platform offers a mobile-friendly app that users can download (Android and iOS).

The application uses a currency called Bolts which a user can earn after completing the tasks provided by the platform. Bolts can be used to withdraw Storm, Bitcoin, or Ethereum, Litecoin, etc.

Users can use the application and earn crypto by any of these methods:

  • Shop
  • Play
  • Rewards
Installation guide (mobile version)

Download the application on your phone.


The app will give you various options for login.

Click Sign in with Email and a verification email along with a code will be sent to your email address. After email verification, the application will be launch. The landing page will look like this.


Profile verification

Before proceeding, you have to verify your profile by giving details like your first name, last name, nickname, and phone number.


Once your profile gets verified, you can access the platform.

Now let’s see what different features the application provides:

  1. Shop

The Shop option lists many shops that the platform is supporting. You can also see the cashback/rewards that you can receive after shopping from these listed shops. You can further check the reward distribution applied to different categories of products available in the shop in greater detail. It will also list the different product sections of the selected site on which these rewards will not be applied.

StormX has partnered with thousands of online stores and designed a browser extension that will allow users to earn crypto rewards easily.

Currently, the StormShop supports only Chromium-based browsers, i.e., Chrome, Brave, Edge, etc. The company is also planning on releasing versions for other browsers in the near future.

StormX users can use the option to Activate the crypto back or Chrome button whenever they do online shopping. This button operates in the background and, depending upon the user’s membership level and offers provided by the store, the user reward varies from 0.5% to over 85%.


The rewards points that users earn from completing a task in StormX are called Bolts. It can be used to withdraw StormX (STMX), Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), Dai (DAI), and (YFI).

Update: A huge number of applications have been added to the StormX platform, which you can check from the Recently Added section. It currently supports 74 different product categories.

  1. Play

The Play option will give you a variety of tasks from where you can earn Bolts. Each of these tasks holds a certain amount of Bolts which is mentioned under it. Users can easily complete these activities and earn. One can easily exchange his earned tokens (Bolts) for Storm (STMX), Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin (BTC), or Litecoin (LTC).


Update: Users can now see the maximum amount of money that they can earn from performing these tasks. Most of these tasks are related to installing the application and also require other prerequisites like taking subscriptions for new users.


  1. Rewards

The Reward feature can help you in earning more and provide certain other benefits.

To unlock more rewards, you have to Become a Member.

The membership structure is divided into several levels, and each level comes with different attractive crypto rewards and benefits.


If you want to Become a member, you have to connect your wallet to the StormX app.


Once the user links the wallet, he/she automatically enters the Purple level. There are different levels, and each level has different benefits.


The percentage of the crypto back reward benefit increases over time and level.

In higher levels, such as Diamond and Platinum, the level offers a benefit of reward time reduction. This benefit will reduce the wait time of a user to receive the reward.

Buy (Update)

One of the major application updates is that it now provides support to the following platforms, which StormX users can use to buy/swap/store STMX tokens:

  • Crypto exchanges (Binance, UpBit, Bittrex)
  • Wallets (Trust Wallet)
  • Swap (UniSwap, KyberSwap)
  • Moonpay (Visa, Mastercard)


Reward level and benefits

Check out the different levels and associated benefits:


Update: The rewards and benefits of each membership stage, i.e., the minimum holding of each level and the associated timeline is still the same.

However, the cashback of each level changed to the following percentages:

  • Bronze – 5% crypto cashback.
  • Silver – 9% crypto cashback.
  • Gold – 12% crypto cashback.
  • Platinum – 15% crypto cash back.
  • Diamond – 21% crypto cashback.

The Wallet tab shows the user’s portfolio, and it contains details about the following:

  • Balance

You can transfer the earned tokens into Coinbase or other wallet addresses. Just click the Add wallet option. Currently, the platform supports any ERC20 compatible wallet. But for Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin tokens, the payment can be made only to CoinBase accounts. And the wallet address will be the user’s Coinbase account email.


 Update: With the recent update, you can now see the available balance in dollars instead of Bolts, and the Bolts that you have earned by completing these surveys are now replaced with an equivalent amount of dollars.


Withdraw (Update)

The withdrawal tab allows you to withdraw your earned tokens. Users are required to have a minimum of $0.80 to withdraw in StormX.


  • Shopping

Users can check their shopping history from this tab.


  • History

The History tab contains details about the Bolts earned from different micro-tasks.


Update: The Shopping and History tabs are not present after the update.

Disconnect wallet

At any time, the user can disconnect their wallet by going to the Edit tab.


Invite friends

You can also earn rewards from referrals. Share your referral code with your friends and let them join the StormX app.

If you want to invite your friends, just click the Share Invite Code button. This will give you numerous options through which you can share your code, such as WhatsApp, email, text message, Twitter, Facebook, etc.

And once your friends earn 24K Bolts through Play tasks, you will also earn 6,000.


Important: You can earn 6,000 Bolts only when your friend has earned it through tasks. If he/she has earned Bolts through referrals, that will not be get counted towards the 24k.

Update: Instead of Bolts, users can now earn money if they invite their friends to join the platform. Each membership level offers a different attractive referral bonus.



There is nothing much you can do with the Settings tab. It offers only two setting options.


Social Presence








StormX presents a basic, yet powerful, use case – rewards. This is very appealing to the masses who are using crypto for the first time and would not like to get into the technical and complex part of crypto. The application is easy to understand has a lot of options. However, we feel that a lot of effort is needed to play the games and installing applications, but the reward to effort ratio is pretty low. This app is good for starters.

Kindly note that the article is updated on October 11, 2020 to include the latest features supported by the platform.

Resources: StormX Whitepaper

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