I AM 100% SURE These 4 Altcoins Will SURVIVE & Thrive

The bear market is still going on. As it is, September is the worst month for crypto since the beginning of the bear. Since 2013, only two September saw green numbers. The way things look, we actually may see a green September. 

But, this also means that the following months may even look better. If you watched our news video you might know why we might be just 21 days away from a pump. Still, some projects will bite the dust. But some projects may come out of the bear stronger than ever.  The key to making profits in the bull run is to identify the altcoins that will survive the current market conditions. Follow me, and we take a look at four coins that will survive in a big way.

#1: The Cosmos Hub (ATOM)

The Cosmos Hub is the spider in the web. It’s at the center of all activity in the IBC. That’s the Inter-Blockchain Communication Protocol. Currently, this is the home to over 248 Interchain apps and services in the Cosmos network. The IBC allows for interchain communication and sending or receiving assets. Here you can see the 62 most prominent chains, or zones. 

Building on Cosmos happens with the Cosmos SDK (Software development kit). They also offer the Tendermint consensus mechanism. The Cosmos Hub most certainly keeps building. For example:

  • DYDX: The DEX will launch its V4 and migrate its full ecosystem from Ethereum to Cosmos.
  • V12: This update launched on 13th September. It brings liquid staking to the Cosmos ecosystem.

Currently, the native ATOM coin is not used by most chains. Each chain can have its own token. However, you can use the coin for staking, governance, and paying fees. 

Cosmos also launched its roadmap for 2024. This sees further expansion and usability. 8 Nonetheless, ATOM slumped from $14 at the beginning of the year to $7. The fundamentals didn’t change, they are as strong as ever. So, this is a great entry point.

#2: Polygon (MATIC)

Polygon is almost like an all-time fave here at Altcoin Buzz. They have been in the spotlight almost all year long. Last year ended, and this year started with an impressive list of partnerships. This included major brands, like, for instance: Walt Disney, Adidas, Starbucks, the NFL, and more. Most of them were looking for ways into Web3. For example, with NFT marketplaces.

But there’s more, lots more. Polygon also launched its zkEVM chain. This is a zero-knowledge scaling solution. Most importantly, it’s compatible with EVM chains. 4 Their mainnet recently had a significant upgrade, the Dragonfruit upgrade. 

The Federal Reserve also mentioned that Polygon will be massive. As you may remember, ZK technology is critical for privacy. With this tech, you can prove something, without showing crucial information. For example, this is crucial with ID-related information.

Another big change is the Polygon 2.0 upgrade. There’s a big upgrade coming with the introduction of their POL token. This will be a multichain token, that you can use along all their chains:

  • Their POS chain.
  • The zkEVM chain.
  • The supernet chains. These are blockchains built on the Polygon Edge stack. They use the PoS consensus mechanism. This gives them Polygon mainnet security.

However, the new token is inflationary. We’re not a big fan of that. The MATIC token also slumped recently, it’s now around $0.5. Once more, a great entry point.

#3: Polkadot (DOT)

And I continue with another favorite project, Polkadot. It is best known for its parachains. Like Cosmos, Polkadot is layer 0, which offers all the infrastructure. You can compare this to a city. All the facilities are underground, provided by the city. For example, water, gas, electricity, sewers, and so on. With thanks to Cheddar.com’s YouTube channel on this view of infrastructure below NYC. A layer zero chain offers a similar infrastructure. However, aimed at blockchains. For instance, a consensus mechanism or interoperability. 

All other chains are built on top of this layer zero. So, it allows wholly different blockchains to communicate with each other. These chains have their own token, but they need DOT to secure their parachainEthereum co-founder, Gavin Wood, is also one of the Polkadot founders. He published the whitepaper back in 2016. This also explained the parachain concept. For example, it’s an independent chain. Each team can customize their chains accordingly. 

Polkadot can accommodate up to 100 parachains. However, that’s a flexible number and can change if needed. You can secure a parachain with a crowdloan. You need to secure enough pledges in DOT, to win the parachain auction.

One big recent event is the introduction of native USDC into the ecosystem. Once more, we see that the native token, DOT, slumped. I don’t see a reason to worry, though. All the fundamentals are still in place and are solid. Another great entry point.

#4: Solana (SOL)

Solana is last, but not least, on my list. It had a rough time after the FTX collapse. SOL had a proud ATH of $259 in November 2021, it crashed to below $10 in December 2022. Now it appears to be comfortable in the $20 range. The reasons I like Solana are because it offers, for instance:

  • Cheap and fast transactions. Typically, under $0.01 per transaction.
  • A great NFT ecosystem. DeGods and Y00ts originate there. 5 Now there are, among others, Okay Bears, Dandies, Mob Studios, and Drip Haus.

Solana also has other partnerships going on. For example, with Visa and 7 Shopify. 

In other words, there’s some serious bouncing back going on. It won’t surprise me if we see the SOL token soar again once the bull run starts.

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