The Future of Altcoins: Bitcoin Layer 2 Dominance in 2024

Against all odds, Stacks has defied the 2023 bear market, skyrocketing an astonishing 300% since Jan 2024.

And it will go much higher. Why? I have three very strong reasons to say that this Bitcoin Layer 2 altcoin is boosting its value.

Bitcoin’s Perfect Sidekick

Stacks is a layer 2, just like Polygon. However, it’s a layer 2 for Bitcoin. Stacks tackles the scalability challenges that Bitcoin faces. It introduces smart contracts with a coding language known as clarity, allowing Dapps to be deployed on the Bitcoin network.

Stacks unlike their counterparts, run on their nodes. It has its very own network with Stacks miners at the helm, ensuring smooth operations. But here’s where it gets interesting. While other Bitcoin layer 2 chains like Rootstock peg to on-chain BTC, Stacks takes a different route. It uses Bitcoin as a medium of storage, recording all transactions on Bitcoin Blockchain.

So, what does it mean? It means that Stacks operates in its realm. While still leveraging the security and stability of Bitcoin. It’s like having the best of both worlds!

Stacks Growth

STX, the native token of Stacks, has soared an impressive 274% in a year, and that too in a bear market. If you want to retire this bullrun here is a video that tells you how many Stacks you need to be a bullrun millionaire.

Coming back to Stacks. Well, it has done better than most of the altcoins projects have. But what’s the secret sauce behind this impressive performance and will this growth continue? 

Reason #1 Nakamoto Upgrade

The launch of a groundbreaking upgrade to the Stacks protocol, known as Nakamoto, has sparked significant momentum. On March 25th, the Nakamoto testnet was launched with the mainnet activation to start on April 16 and is expected to be completed by the last two weeks of May.

This upgrade isn’t just about minor adjustments. It’s poised to transform Stacks, enhancing block times and fortifying network security. Plus get this, soon, transactions on Stacks will be just as irreversible as those on Bitcoin.

But that’s not all! The Nakamoto Upgrade is shaking things up. It introduces sBTC, a trust-reduced version of Bitcoin now usable in the Stacks ecosystem. This will align Stacks Decentralized Finance with the best in the industry. It will make it more appealing and functional than ever. 

With their new sBTC, users can participate in the DeFi activities built on Stacks. Once complete, they can take their sBTC and redeem it for their original Bitcoin holdings. As a result, we are already seeing a record-breaking rise in Stacks TVL.

Reason #2 Bitcoin ETF

Bitcoin is hogging the limelight, and rightly so. Its unprecedented ETF inflows are driving a whirlwind rally across the crypto market. Riding this wave is Stacks. Bitcoin value surges, attracting many institutional and retail investors. To handle increased Bitcoin activity, more transactions must go through Layer 2 solutions like Stacks. As institutions and their customers buy Bitcoin, other retail activity whether it’s p2p trading or Bitcoin DeFi will move to Stacks. It’s just the natural order.

With Stacks layer in play. It makes a staggering $500 billion in Bitcoin available for decentralized applications. It’s like Stacks has found the golden key to unlock the treasure trove of Bitcoin, tapping into its Layer 1 for seamless transaction settlements. Stacks will inevitably do more with rising the Bitcoin ETFs:

  • Increased DeFi activity: Recent weeks have seen more DeFi activity on the Stacks blockchain. Platforms like Arkadi and StxSwap are attracting more users. This increased engagement might be contributing to the rising demand for STX. Stacks transactions also see close to 800,000 monthly transactions for 4 months straight. That’s huge!
  • Positive news and partnerships: Recent partnerships with Bifrost and Stacks have expanded Accelerator’s startup portfolio. This action boosts investor confidence and supports the rising trend.

Reason #3 Ordinals

Over the past year, Bitcoin Ordinals have stormed the digital collectible world. They have again captured the attention of Financial Titan Franklin Templeton. The investment giant’s digital assets division spotlighted the surge of Ordinals in a new prospectus. This makes us bullish on Ordinals again.

Most Ordinal-compatible wallets are made by teams in the Stacks ecosystem. Thanks to the Taproot upgrade, Stacks wallets now work with Ordinals, Bitcoin, and STX transactions. They offer users unmatched flexibility in managing their digital assets.

So, as Ordinals continue to flourish, Stacks emerges as a pivotal player in the crypto landscape, bridging the gap between Bitcoin and innovative decentralized services. It’s an exciting time for Stacks enthusiasts.


Stacks is already the leader among L2s and that’s no accident. They’ve been way early on this trend. Now they are in a position to take the best advantage of increasing demand for Bitcoin and Bitcoin blockchain space.


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