Insane Potential Bitcoin Ordinals

700% up. Yes. Since June,2023, $CNCL is up 700%. But it is also down 67% from its all-time high of $494. 

Does this ordinals drop create an early opportunity for us again? Does this leading BRC-20 project really hold insane potential for the coming bull run?

Bitcoin ETFs, and the new $3 billion Bitcoin wallet. A couple of big stories might have pushed BRC-20 tokens out of the spotlight in the last couple of weeks. But does that mean that BRC-20 was just a fad? Or that not much is happening there? DEFINITELY NOT. In fact, 85% of fees earned on Bitcoin in one day last week were from BRC-20 tokens. It’s busy and active. And the project we cannot miss is Council.

What Is Council?

Council and its $CNCL token are short for the Ordinals Council. Think of it like a Board of Advisers. They aren’t a Board of Directors because they don’t have direct control over BRC-20 token projects. But they do advise many of them.

As they themselves say, they are 33 founders, investors, and creators who are working on the future of Bitcoin, BRC-20, and Ordinals. Look, I know some of the heat on BRC-20 has cooled off. And I know the NFT market is down overall. Way down.

But even if you don’t see that as an opportunity, you should still be looking at The Council. It has EVERYTHING we like in an NFT project.

Huge & Loyal Community

The first thing it has that all good NFT projects have is a big, loyal community. Its $5 million value took only 4 months from going live.

And it’s showing up in the analytics now too. For May and June, NFT volume was higher on Bitcoin than either Polygon OR Solana. Considering, as you see in this chart, that in April Solana had 3x as much volume as Bitcoin, you can see how big a move this is.

They and Toshipad are backing OrdzGames, the first on-chain game on Bitcoin. The Council says exactly what it is. Not an organization, not a product. A culture company. They say it as plainly as possible. Ordinals = Community.

Building an Ecosystem

The Council has a Creator Fund. It will fund creators, media, and distribution that have the shared goal of moving Bitcoin adoption forward around the world. Some will be able to get a position for their project on Toshipad. Toshipad is another ecosystem project. It’s a launchpad for BRC-20 projects. It’s the first and only one so far. And it’s a project from The Council. They manage it.

There was a free mint at the end of last week and the profits from it are going right back into the community. More on the mint coming up. And while there is some secrecy as to who is in The Council. This mint coincides with the 3rd reveal of a member. In this case, it’s Bitcoin and Web3 VC Brian D Evans. He’s worth a follow and over 1.1 million others in crypto agree. His stated position in The Council is Expansion Maverick. So he will be front and center on the growth aspect of The Council.

This one-by-one doxxing of Council members is genius marketing. Do you hold $CNCL or any other BRC-20 tokens? Let us know in the comments below.

One More Benefit for Council Holders

Before I get to this last benefit, I want to be clear about something. Maybe you are like me and you believe that Bitcoin is the future of money. Maybe you don’t and you just like it as an investment. Either is OK. But the idea that we can build real things on Bitcoin is VERY IMPORTANT.

I cannot understate how important this is. Even Bitcoin legend Hal Finney himself said there would be Bitcoin banks to settle transactions before sending them off to the final settlement layer on Bitcoin. Those Bitcoin banks are now what we call Layer 2 solutions. Bitcoin has them with Stacks and Rootstock while Ethereum has many of them.

So these developments are much more important than drawing stick figures and selling them for 50,000 sats. They are about growing the ecosystem and uses for Bitcoin. And that should be something we all want.

Mint Benefits

And now one last cool thing you can take part in when you own a $CNCL token is their free mints. They just did one on Friday the 25th for $CNCL holders.

Now if you don’t have the token, The Council worked in partnership with OrdzGames to give away some free whitelist spots. But if you have the $CNCL token, then you don’t need to do anything. You just get it as a benefit of being an owner. Here are other benefits from this mint as listed on X:

  • Foundational Council Token for ALL projects in The Council Ecosystem.
  • Free initiate & other mints, early access, and other priority passes.
  • Voting power, community drops, and more.

Initiate PFP (“Yellow PFP” or “Candidate PFP”):

  • Community Pass.
  • Enables DAO participation.
  • Voting rights in the community treasury.
  • Priority Access to all future projects.
  • Community Drops.
  • Container/Parent Ordinal for future Ordinal Collections.
  • Minting Date: August 25th, 2023.
  • Total Supply: 3333.

So you see The Ordinals Council has A LOT going on. And even if you missed this mint. There will be others so you have a chance to get in now to be sure you don’t miss them.

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