3 Mid-Cap Crypto GEMS for 2024 - Easy 50X Altcoins

Coinbase considers mid-cap altcoin gems when they have a market value between $1-10 billion. But we beg to differ. To us, mid-cap projects have found a place in the market. They can grow if they execute.

And to us, we think it runs from $150 million to $1 billion by market cap. And in this range, a lot of cool things can happen – 50X or even disasters. Here are 3 of our favorite mid-cap altcoin gems on the rise and hold immense potential.

1) Tectum

First, we have Tectum. Tectum is riding high on a couple of narratives we like Bitcoin and its ecosystem, small and microtransactions, and privacy. So, it does all 3 with its flagship SoftNote product. TET, the native token of Tectum, is currently #322 by market cap with a market value of $222 million.

Tectum’s SoftNotes have some huge advantages for you and over the Bitcoin network. For example:

  • You can transact privately and anonymously. This is a big one.
  • You can transact off-chain like using paper money.
  • You can transact on-chain on one of the fastest blockchains in the industry.
  • You can transact with low fees on the Tectum blockchain.
  • You can finalize your transaction fast with no big Bitcoin Mempool and 10-minute block times to wait for.
  • You can do small transactions with ease.

It’s a great supporting product for Bitcoin use. You can even trade your USDT for a Bitcoin Softnote. You don’t have to take your Bitcoin and mint your own SoftNote. Very convenient. And the public is catching on.

Tectum’s $TET token has done a 7x from July until now. From $4 to its current $31. That’s an amazing ROI for a project that’s just getting started. Think about it for a second. ETFs are approved. The Bitcoin halving is coming.

Do you think there will be less demand, the same demand, or more demand for services that offload some of Bitcoin’s volume over time? The answer is More demand. And as long as people need more transaction options for their Bitcoin, the more SoftNotes and Tectum will grow, too. One just feeds into the other.

2) Seedify

Next, we have Seedify, with a market value of $277.4 million. That puts it at #286 in the industry. Seedify is a launchpad. And a very good one. Along with Enjinstarter, DAOMaker, and 1 or 2 others, they are the best of the best.

And as with all launchpads, you need their native token to get your allocation of the project you want to invest in. For Seedify, that’s the $SFUND token.

Seedify launches lots of games and NFT-based projects with their INO and IGO platforms. We’ve covered them quite a bit on how they do what they do and how to use the platform. You should search after this video to see other videos on the channel where we’ve talked about Seedify.

The $SFUND token is a key component for the launchpad. You need it to get your allocation. But guess what? If the token sucks, then your launchpad suffers. No one will hold and stake it if the token is not worth holding. But Seedify users have reaped some nice rewards. There are the staking rewards AND $SFUND is up over 300% in the last 12 months. Users are getting the best experience possible on Seedify:

  • The token allows users to get their allocation.
  • Users get access to projects they want.
  • The projects seem to make money thanks to Seedify’s history of good underwriting and due diligence.
  • While all that happens, the token is making you money too.

As the bull continues, launchpads will keep growing. And Seedify will keep growing faster than other launchpads. That’s what happens when you are one of the best. Do you have a favorite launchpad you use? Let us know in the comments below about this altcoin.

3) Oraichain

Oraichain is currently at #322 by market cap with a market value of $219 million. Its primary goal is to do what oracles like Chainlink do but with AI. Using an AI-based oracle to connect information to smart contracts is most of what Oraichain does.

We like Oraichain because it fits into 2 narratives we love right now. AI and Infrastructure. Most projects need oracles. The AI component is one thing that Chainlink doesn’t have. But we like Chainlink too. Oraichain is a Cosmos IBC chain. That speaks well for its potential for interoperability. 

And with Oraichain, developers can use it to build an app that needs an AI oracle more easily. There’s a growing ecosystem here including:

  • An AI marketplace for validated solutions (meaning they work).
  • An IDE that developers can use to code and deploy apps fast.
  • An AMM DEX.
  • And a “smart” healthcare to help with health monitoring. Just to name a few.

You can even monetize your data on their Data Marketplace. The AI marketplace or data marketplace alone could easily surpass the value of the entire project. And we will not be surprised when that happens.

It has very good tokenomics too. 88% of the total supply is already in circulation. So, Oraichain is a great value here. We think it’s only the beginning of a huge rise for the altcoin.

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