Digital currency trading platform has announced that it is joining resources with Bravio technologies on global lotteries.

The collaboration between the trading platform and Bravio tech aims to develop a fully decentralized digital lottery platform for This is according to a press release by the Canadian gaming giant Bravio Tech. It disclosed that the partnership will see the crypto trading platform increase its BCH reach into global lotteries. The gaming giant will develop the platform while will host it. 

The gaming structure is to be integrated with’s highly trusted blockchain. Initially, it will be possible to access it via its website and participants will choose between a variety of games. Games ranging from BTC lotteries, anonymous Bitcoin cash, enhanced quickfire sweepstakes. Let’s not forget the weekly Mega Jackpot draws.

Besides, the release also stated that’s crypto lotteries will be fully transparent.  Accordingly, it will be secure and will function entirely on blockchain tech. This new framework will completely eliminate the need for human intervention. Users will receive crypto payouts directly in their e-wallets.

E-wallets under the agreement gain direct access to various themed BTC or BTH. This gives users several options upon entry for participation.

The lotteries will be completely private, meaning users can play and claim their winnings anonymously.

Partnership bringing technological expertise CEO, Stefan Rust does not hide his excitement. He believes the partnership will bring new large-scale lotteries such as Powerball to the crypto space.

He said: “Bravio brings broad lottery expertise complementing our deep-rooted cryptocurrency and blockchain tech capability.”

To add, Bravio CEO, Paul Carroll also commends the partnership. He pointed out that the collaboration supports the company’s vision of creating more use cases for BCH. He added that the digital industry is continuously growing and creating new and modern innovations is the way to remain relevant. 



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