Pay Attention to THESE 4 Altcoins in Feb 2024

Will February 2024 be on fire?  The short dip after the ETF approval seems to have passed by. We’re seeing green candles again. We’re also closing in on the Bitcoin halving. All catalysts for the crypto market look like upward momentum. 

However, before we get to the second leg of this bull run, we may see some more sideways action. That’s why my research team and I came up with these four altcoins. They may see more than average upside movement during February. So, let’s see what we have cooking for you.

1) Sui (SUI)

My first pick for February coins is SUI. Since mid-December 2023, the SUI token has been going up. There was a massive jump in early January when it went in four days’ time from $0.80 to $1.38. Now it appears that SUI is cruising toward new ATHs. The current price is $1.61. During January, the price is up by 100%.

However, the TVL is where we need to look for the real SUI improvement. Over January, SUI’s TVL increased by 109%. It sits now at $441.5 million. That catapulted them straight into the top 10 by TVL. 

For example, the SuiSwap token, SSWP, has also been on fire since December 2023. After 7 months of sideways action, it saw a 5x since mid-December.

This has eyes locking in on Sui. It increased demand for the SUI token. Especially considering that SUI is also positioning itself as a gaming blockchain. That’s another vertical with massive growth potential.

Sui also saw two important strategic partnerships recently. This included Alibaba Cloud and Solend. Solend is a lending protocol on Solana. Now it has expanded to Sui. Banxa also extended its fiat on-ramping services to SUI. It appears that Sui is heating up.

2) Manta Network (MANTA)

The Manta Network and its MANTA token are next on my list of February coins.  In mid-January, we saw the MANTA token launch and the much-anticipated MANTA airdrop. Ever since the MANTA token price has been slightly increasing. From $2 it’s now at $3.58. The current ATH was on the 28th of January at $3.83. 

It already entered the top 100. Currently, it takes spot #79. Over the last 7 days, it’s up by 46%. There appears to be much more room for improvement. That’s why it’s on today’s list. 

The Manta Network has two networks, Manta Atlantic, which is a Layer 1 on Polkadot. The Manta Pacific Network is a Layer 2 which runs on Celestia. This decreased gas fees by $1.4 million since mid-December. That’s because Celestia offers modular data availability. Manta’s ecosystem already houses over 150 projects and keeps growing.

Its TVL is also impressive. It takes spot #9, directly above Sui, with $466 million. In January, it saw a 69% increase in TVL. The MANTA token has a 2% inflation per year and no major token unlocks coming. More reasons that the token price can keep going up. Most certainly one of the hot coins for this month.

3) Solana (SOL)

What is currently a crypto story without the comeback kid? Right, it’s Solana I’m referring to. Solana has a lot going on at the moment. Plenty of memecoins that do well. For example,

There are also plenty of airdrops coming your way on Solana. For instance, mockJUP and WEN are test airdrops for the main JUP airdrop on the 31st of January. Both tokens are doing well. The WEN airdrop was the same value for each qualified wallet. 

Currently, its value ranges between $80 and $100 with more upside potential. The JUP airdrop is also highly anticipated. If you traded on JUP, you should qualify.

Another big up-and-coming narrative in crypto is restaking. EigenLayer on Ethereum started all this. However, Picasso already introduced restaking to Solana. You can restake jitoSOL and mSOL. This is something to keep an eye out for. Solana’s TVL is also impressive. It keeps growing. Currently, Solana ranks at #5, with a TVL of $1.6 billion. That’s a 29% increase in TVL over January.   

The SOL price also crept back to over $100, with a current price of $103.32. That’s after it briefly dropped below $80 on the 23rd of January.  Solana is still firing on all cylinders.

4) Celestia (TIA)

Celestia is my next pick, and it’s on the move again. The TIA token is slowly creeping up towards its ATH of 15th January. That was $20.15. Its current price is $18.48. Celestia is a modular blockchain that offers DA or data availability. Plenty of chains migrate to Celestia since it reduces their gas costs. 

One example I already mentioned earlier. The Manta Network saved $1.4 million since mid-December. Now Lyra chain migrated. That’s an option DEX. Their migration saved on their gas costs by 10x. That’s the result of 1 week, starting 22nd January. Aevo is the next L2 migrating to Celestia. This is an option and perps DEX. They’re also looking for reduced gas fees. 

Starknet is also integrating with Celestia. Plume Network, active in the RWA space, is another migrating chain. You can add Orderly Network, a liquidity layer, also to this list. It appears that Celestia is heating up. More and more chains see what advantages Celestia can bring for them. This will reflect the TIA token price.

Staking Celestia and getting involved in its ecosystem can also make a difference. You may qualify for airdrops. See my recent video about this. So, these are my four coins for today. Which one do you like best? Let me know in the comments.


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