Hidden Crypto Swapping Gem - Must Watch Out For 2024!

How many of you have a favorite chain or ecosystem that’s not part of EVM? Not Ethereum, Not any of its compatible networks? I hear you. It’s true for some of us at Altcoin Buzz too. Whether it’s Solana, Cosmos, Polkadot, or Bitcoin, many of us have favorites not part of the Ethereum Virtual Machine.

And that means swapping and a bridging gem to get to our favorite networks can be a real pain. That’s what it USED TO mean. Now there is a solution with 1-click swaps across many chains including many of the above. Meet the latest and most convenient DEX aggregator in the market. Meet RocketX and its token RVF which’s up 847% in the last year.

Swapping Tokens 101

I’m pretty sure everyone reading this article has swapped 2 tokens before. And there are only 2 options at the moment. DEX and CEX. Both have advantages and disadvantages. With a DEX, you are always in control of your funds. With a basic crypto wallet, you maintain the custody of your crypto meaning the control stays with you.

With a CEX, you get 2 main advantages. Price and Speed. Prices are often lower on a CEX than on a DEX. Also, the swaps are faster, oftentimes immediate. Some DEXes are fast and others take a few minutes. So the downsides are:

  • With a DEX, you pay more. Plus the transaction is often slower and clunkier.
  • With a CEX, you give up control of your funds.

And that’s how it is and has always been for doing token swaps. Until Now. Meet our favorite new aggregator, RocketX.

What is RocketX?

When we think of aggregators, we usually mean DEX aggregators. Protocols like 1inch or Kyber Network help aggregate liquidity to make DEX swaps faster and cheaper. And they work great. We are fans. But they are missing an element. When you use 1inch or Uniswap, you are limited to EVM coins. And you can’t go cross-chain without bridging.

But, what if you could make cross-chain swaps with just one click? Or swaps between EVM and Solana? Or EVM and Cosmos? Then you’d have an aggregator that handles most of the transactions people really need. And THAT is what RocketX does. There’s one more important difference I’ll get to in a second.

But think about it. Solana, Cosmos, and Polkadot are 3 very popular ecosystems. They are the next 3 biggest after Ethereum and EVM chains besides Bitcoin.

It makes sense that the aggregators built for the future will let you swap with these chains too. And RocketX does. All with their one-click swaps too. You can see playing in the background how easy it is to do a swap with Trust Wallet on RocketX.

But that other big difference RocketX offers? It’s CEX access. But it’s not what you think. In fact, it’s all the good stuff about swapping on a CEX. The speed, the security, the convenience, the price. But without giving up your custody to access these CEX prices. CEXes run on order books. They are much more efficient and give better pricing than most DEXes which run on the AMM and liquidity pool model.

More About RocketX

So here you are getting an aggregator that aggregates the best price and speed from BOTH DEXes and CEXes. And you maintain control of your funds because RocketX only offers CEX pricing from CEXes where they have accounts. This means you are trading with the RocketX account on OKX, for example, without needing an OKX account or sending funds there. The funds stay in your wallet under your control.

But if OKX has the best price, then RocketX manages the CEX end of the deal and you get your coins. Plus, some chains that you can ONLY swap on a CEX and can’t on a DEX for DeFi like:

  • Celestia.
  • Kaspa.
  • BIttensor.

Are available on RocketX WITHOUT you needing your own CEX to access them. Pretty cool, huh?

RocketX in Action

Now, I’m going to show you how it works. You can connect more than 1 wallet at a time. Just to show you an example, here is an image of swapping USDT on BNB Chain for Kujira.

Source: RocketX

Kujira is both a member of our Master Portfolio AND it’s a Cosmos chain. This usually means you have to swap into something on Cosmos like ATOM or a token on Osmosis before you can get the $KUJI you want. Not here.

As you can see the CEX connection RocketX has is called RocketXPool. That’s the CEX exchange option without opening a CEX account I told you about earlier. In this case, it means with 1 press of a button, I can swap from BNB Chain to Kujira chain. This adds a ton of value to Cosmos holders. Now I will do trade here.

Here I am doing a simple $100 swap from BNB Smart Chain to Polygon. And I am also going from USDT to Native USDC. Native USDC is new on Polygon and different from the bridged USDC.e. But I want to pay someone in USDC for something so this swap will help me out. You can see the Source and Destination chains easily. The UI is very light and clean.

More About Swapping with RocketX

You can also see in the upper right that you can buy their $RVF token and your low fees go down even more. Before confirming the transaction, you can see:

  • What the minimum you will receive will be.
  • Possible slippage.
  • How long the transaction should take. 

You also see where the swap is coming from. Rango or RocketX Pool or elsewhere. All of this is great for beginners and experienced crypto users, too. Then in 8 minutes our transaction is done and the $100 in USDC on Polygon is in my account so I can make my payment.

This is one of the easiest and nicest swapping experiences I’ve used in crypto. So if you want to try it out today, go to the RocketX exchange and give it a try today. I’m confident once you try it, you will go back and use it again.

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