Cartesi Polygon Integration - CTSI goes Cross-chain!

Popular chain-agnostic platform Cartesi CTSI announced a strategic integration with Polygon’s Matic PoS Chain. Alongside this, QuickSwap,  Matic Network powered next-gen DEX on Layer 2 has listed CTSI, the native Cartesi token.

The integration of Cartesi CTSI will facilitate cross-chain interoperability with both DeFi and Dapps on the Polygon network. Cartesi is also now enabled on Polygon Bridge and its Matic PoS Chain. Therefore, providing an easy solution to linking ERC-20 tokens between both Polygon and Ethereum chains.

Mode of operation

Transacting Cartesi CTSI on Polygon involves several steps. This method is important because it is impossible to send funds directly from an Ethereum address to a Polygon address.

  • First, funds need to be transferred using the Polygon bridge. It is important to note that interested persons also need to hold CTSI tokens in a Metamask wallet to be able to use the bridge.
  • Next is to connect with the right network on Metamask (Matic Network).
  • Once connected, users need to send the funds to Matic Network.

Once completed, users will be able to make use of Polygon’s Matic PoS Chain as well as connect with DeFi and DApps on Polygon. Polygon ensures users enjoy low fees with the top-notch security associated with the Ethereum blockchain.

Cartesi CTSI now on QuickSwap

Next-Gen DEX powered by Matic Network has added support for CTSI. Facilitating real-time trading alongside near-zero gas fees. QuickSwap is also rapidly rising as the DEX of choice.

Moreover, the listing of CTSI will provide more use cases for both CTSI tokens and the entire Cartesi ecosystem. CTSI can now carry out transactions with BSC, Ethereum, and Polygon.

Cartesi March 2021 updates

According to the official blog post, March 2021 was a good month for Cartesi. The platform has a number of amazing updates, strategic partnerships, integrations, etc.

  • Noether’s PoS v1.1 – In early March, Cartesi upgraded to the Noether Node and CTSI staking system. Interestingly, this is ahead of its proposed staking delegation slated to go live in Q2 2021.
  • Descartes SDK v1.1 – March 30, 2021, Cartesi launched its final milestone for Q1 2021. The update stands as a unification of several new features and technology updates for Descartes. The features include multi-party support, integrated IPFS support for the Logger service, support for Avalanche’s FUJI C-Chain Testnet, etc.
Partnerships and integrations

Apart from the above updates, Cartesi also entered into strategic partnerships and integration.

  • Cartesi has partnered with the top crypto-friendly travel booking platform
  • It has also partnered with IOTA and will help boost the platform’s ability to offer decentralized solutions using smart contracts.
  • It also integrated with Injective Protocol and Binance Smart Chain (BSC).
Cartesi and Messari

Cartesi CTSI partnered with Messari to get verified and connected to the Messari Registry. Messari is a popular data analytics and transparency platform built on the future of crypto and a multi-trillion dollar asset class. Listing on Messari is sure to boost awareness and subsequently drive adoption for CTSI and its platform.

CTSI price

At the time of writing, CTSI was trading at $0.570381. Furthermore, in the last 30 days, the token has jumped by over 107%. 

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