Super Early Crypto Millionaire Opportunity l Unreleased Altcoins

Early. You gotta be early, right? But how can you keep up with the news and great projects to be an early investor? Not to worry my friends. Today, a special article about it. Projects where you are so early, the tokens aren’t even out yet.

But, they are such high quality, that you need to get them on your radar now so you can get them when the altcoins hit the market. So what non-token projects do we like? Stick around, and we’ll give you 4 of them.

1) Starkware

Starkware is one of the most anticipated potential token launches. It is a zero-knowledge proof-based L2 for ETH. As a rollup, it can scale. And as a zk-based protocol, it’s private, fast, and inexpensive.

There is a ton of hype around Starkware. First of all, for those of you who love this tech, many privacy lovers like STARKs technology. The differences between ZK STARKs, which Starkware uses, and ZK SNARKs, which others like ZCash, ETH, and Mina Protocol use are small but noticeable.

Technologists agree that STARKS are both more private and better for scaling. Add to that Starkware is already in use by dydx and ImmutableX with a growing ecosystem. Ecosystem TVL is over $500 million. These are ingredients for a successful token launch.

Pro Tip: Some believe that IMX has been a proxy for buying a Starkware token. This means IMX could see some added volatility and some selling once the Starkware token hits the market. If you love ImmutableX as we know lots of you do, then that could be a buying opportunity.

Now this is completely UNCONFIRMED. But there is a rumor floating around. Based on one of the Etherscan contracts for the Starknet token, there is a global time lock until November 30th. So the conclusion of popular airdrop hunter ardizor is that the airdrop will take place then.

Again, no confirmation if true. No word from the team. And no word on full token launch either. But if you’ve been waiting to do some tasks to qualify, now is the time to do it in case this is accurate.

2) LayerZero

Next, we have LayerZero. They are an ETH L2 also. Before LayerZero and its Stargate bridge, Layer 2 had only one place to go. And that’s up to the Layer 1 it supports. But LayerZero’s technology supports going across to other Layer 2’s or other Layer 1s. As they say, they believe the future is omnichain.

And their messaging system connects many chains together. Interoperability is the watchword. They currently support nearly all EVM chains but also Aptos, Polygon’s zkEVM, Moonbeam, Kava, and more.

Plus, they qualify for this list. They have made it clear, despite all the hype and talk on CryptoTwitter, that they will NOT be releasing their token in 2023. The upgrade or v2 of the Stargate bridge is a key component for LayerZero. Its delay means the token launch will be delayed too.

But it looks like they have what it takes to stick around a while. They raised A TON of money. So they will survive what’s left of this bear market.

Pro Tip: Catch our Airdrop videos featuring LayerZero as our airdrop experts see one coming soon with the token launch.

With both of these first options being Layer 2 solutions, what’s your favorite Layer 2? Do you use any regularly? Let us know in the comments below.

3) zkSync

We’ve talked about zkSync before. And they are definitely a good airdrop candidate for you airdrop hunters. As we mentioned in this video, they also raised a ton of money. So they will survive this market even if it goes lower from here before the bull returns. So that’s one piece of good news.

zkSync also uses zero-knowledge proofs to add privacy, speed, and scale to ETH. Their version 1.0 is called Lite now. The current 2.0 is called Era. And the zkSync Era ecosystem is growing fast.

For example, the only privacy-based RPC infrastructure in crypto, 1RPC is on zkSync. Do you remember the big deal about Infura accessing your data when you use Metamask? That was about RPCs. RPCs are the way your wallet calls to connect to a dApp. Do you want anyone to know what dApps you’ve gone to and when? And how much you transacted (or didn’t) there?

1RPC doesn’t think other people should know either. It keeps your activity private, which we love. Some other cool apps in the zkSync ecosystem include:

So zkSync is busy building and growing. Don’t miss it when in early 2024 the token launch probably takes place.

4) Omni

Our last one today is Omni. While Omni is a layer 1, it’s related to all these L2’s we’ve been talking about today. Omni’s goal is to connect all Ethereum rollups together. Rollups like:

  • Optimism
  • Arbitrum
  • And 2 of my other picks today are Starkware and zkSync.

Again, this same issue of connecting protocols that before were not able to connect to each other.

Now Omni is doing this with DeFi in mind. One of the big issues with all these rollups and Layer 2’s is fragmented liquidity. This means that instead of say $10 billion in liquidity that can go towards TVL on ETH, it’s split up into lots of smaller pieces. This is much less efficient for the capital and makes it more expensive to maintain.

With Omni, Layer 1 prevents this fragmentation by letting an app build on the L1 and connect to all these rollups at once. We just featured Omni earlier this month in our September airdrops video. So we are confident an airdrop and the token launch are coming.

But again, we don’t know when and the team is keeping quiet on the issue. But these themes of interoperability and improving Layer 2 performance will continue well into the next bull market.

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