The 4 Hottest Altcoins of December - Don't Miss These Pumps!

A December with green candles. If BTC in October and November ended with green candles, December tends to do the same. As we all know, the whole market more or less follows suit to what Bitcoin does. So, December has all the markings for showing a green candle at the end of this month.

Now, my research team and I found four altcoins that should do well in December. Without further ado, let’s dive straight in and find out more about four altcoins.

1) Illuvium (ILV)

The gaming sector is bound to boom. Blockchain gaming will grow as well. The reason I picked Illuvium for today’s projects, is twofold. On 28th November, it launched its Beta on the Epic Games Store. This is a distribution service for digital video games. The platform services Microsoft Windows and macOS. In other words, they are a big player. 

They released Illuvium Arena. On Epic Games Store, the game received a 4.8 score out of 5 from gamers who played it. That’s a pretty solid score. And you can see for yourself as the video plays in the background. 

The second reason is that Illuvium saw already a 124% increase during the last 30 days. ILV has been down heavily, from its $1911 ATH back in November 2021. But it’s fighting back, since October, it almost tripled in price. It’s still 18x away from the ATH, but I can see it getting there again, and surpassing it.

Illuvium uses the Unreal Engine 5. So, you can expect ‘unreal’ visuals. They are stunning. The new Arena game is free to download from Epic Games, and it includes random items. With blockchain gaming ready to take off, I see Illuvium doing well.

2) Chainlink (LINK)

Chainlink is my next pick of altcoins. We already saw an end to the year and a half 2 sideways shuffle of LINK around $6. It went up to a current high of $16.52. That’s only a 3.25x from its ATH. With the upcoming boost, LINK will take another step in that direction.

I’m talking about Chainlink staking v0.2. In December 2022, we saw staking v0.1. This has a staking pool of 25 million LINK. Now, Chainlink has increased the pool size to 45 million LINK. 

Currently, there’s a migration period that started on 28th November until 7th December. This is for existing stakers. They have a guaranteed spot in staking v0.2. On 7th December, early access will start. Come 11th December, public access comes into play. Providing the pool isn’t full. Staking v0.2 brings, among others:

  • Greater flexibility with a new unbonding mechanism. 
  • Improves security guarantees with slashing of node operator stake.
  • A modular architecture that supports future improvements.
  • Dynamic rewards mechanism 

Your minimum stake needs to be 1 LINK and your max stake can be 15,000 LINK. Staking v0.2 may bring a new upward trend for the LINK token.

3) Polygon (MATIC)

Polygon is next in today’s line-up of altcoins. Polygon was in the news throughout 2023.  You couldn’t escape their constant updates, partnerships, and whatnot. They were on the left, right, and in the center of all news throughout 2023. See our Altcoin Buzz YouTube playlist on Polygon. Sander Nailwal, Polygon’s founder, posted this on X. Two big events are coming up.

On 14th December, we can expect a public demo of their next-generation ZK product. He goes on to say that this could be an important milestone for the entire Ethereum ecosystem. On 23rd December, Polygon will change the game for RWAs and institutional adoption.

As you may know, Polygon has also started its zkEVM journey. Their new zkEVM chain differs from their PoS chain. However, they are two different scaling solutions. 

  • Polygon PoS is a low-cost EVM-compatible sidechain and is fast. The PoS validators secure it.
  • Polygon zkEVM uses cryptographic zk proofs. zk is zero knowledge. zkNodes secure this chain.

Another sector that is up-and-coming in crypto is RWA. Or the tokenization of real-world assets. By 2030, this can become a $10 trillion market. That’s only 6 years away. These two events could give MATIC a boost during December.

4) ImmutableX (IMX)

Next in line for today’s altcoins is ImmutableX. ImmutableX is planning a zkEVM mainnet launch in December 2023 or January 2024. The first testnet went live in August of this year. In November, we saw the Re-Genesis testnet. Now it’s time for their zkEVM mainnet. There are already well over 50 games lined up for this new chain. 

The IMX price also did well during November. It went up by 111% and reached $1.49. The IMX ATH was $9.52 in November 2021. So, we need to see 7x to get back there. I see IMX during the next bull run go well past that ATH. However, for right now, this could mean a good boost for the token during December.

What is also exciting, is their further development of the chain. In 2024, Immutable will upgrade it to become an appchain. That’s the same, for example, as Injective on Cosmos. App chains are app-specific blockchains, no real surprise there. However, they increase both throughput and scalability. Your typical AAA game is data-big, and it may be better off with its own chain. 

Oh yeah, and no surprise that ImmutableX and Polygon partnered. Here’s the explanation of why, zkEVM chains.

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