The Inaugural Ordinals Summit 2023 in Singapore Ended Successfully.

On September 12th, almost 400 people from around the world convened at the PARKROYAL COLLECTION Marina Bay in Singapore for the first-ever Ordinals Summit 2023.

In this article, you will discover the most important things that happened in this ordinals event

Everything You Have to Know About the 1st Ordinals Summit 2023

The one-day event featured 7 panel sessions, 4 keynotes, and a concluding fireside talk. It was attended by prominent experts and industry figureheads. As well as the best Ordinals developers, builders, investors, artists, and collectors. These talks covered topics such as what’s new in the Ordinals space, Bitcoin BUIDL culture, opportunities, and obstacles for investors interested in Ordinals.

This event featured a stellar speaker lineup that included:

  • Udi Wertheimer, creator of the popular Ordinals collection “Taproot Wizards”.
  • Domo, creator of the BRC-20 Protocol.
  • Erin Redwing, COO, Ordinals Protocol.
  • Raph, Lead Maintainer of the Ordinals Protocol.
  • Casey Rodarmor, the author of Bitcoin Ordinals, also made an unexpected appearance.

Crypto Art Week Asia provided guests with the opportunity to view a crypto art exhibition. Radarboy3000 curated the gallery, which included digital artworks by Takens Theorem, Rudxane, Chainleft, Ting Song, and others. This event also debuted an immersive 3D virtual gallery on N3WBS Gallery, a unique virtual platform for the Ordinals community.

Despite a crypto winter that has lasted over a year, the inaugural Ordinals Summit 2023 attracted not just a bustling crowd. But also numerous famous brands as sponsors: Ordzaar, Coin98, AWS, Horizen Labs, LG, NeoSwap, OKX, Recursive Doodinals (RCSV), and UniSat are among them.

Important Statements Made at the Ordinals Summit 2023

U-Zyn Chua, Co-Founder and Lead Researcher at Ordzaar, a pioneering permissionless Zero-Fee Bitcoin Ordinals platform, revealed an Honor-Based Creators Royalty feature aimed to support long-term vision in the emerging Ordinals builder ecosystem. Ordzaar is at the vanguard of innovation, supporting a future where creators are rewarded for their vision and commitment to long-term growth. This is possible by giving 0% fees on secondary trade and a smooth creator launchpad.

Also, Thanh Le, the Founder of Coin98, addressed the stage at this event to present their ground-breaking new product, the Bitcoin Wallet by Coin98. This Bitcoin Wallet, aptly dubbed “The Next-Gen Bitcoin Wallet”, provides a secure and user-friendly method for self-custody BTC storage. Beyond Bitcoin, it unlocks the realm of Ordinals, giving users unprecedented control over their digital possessions. This game-changing self-custody solution enables individuals to fully realize the potential of the Bitcoin network and experience the future of digital banking.

Neoswap, an AI-powered crypto exchange, said at the event that an Ordinals smart auction will be held this week in conjunction with Ordzaar. This one-of-a-kind auction style allows purchasers to bid freely on all Ordinals they want to buy, without fear of going over budget.

RCSV, the first community-designed collection of recursive arts, announced the release of its BRC-420 protocol in two parts: ‘Metaverse Standards’ and ‘Inscription Royalties.’ The Metaverse Standards will open-source all material like as game goods, gameplay, audio, and video, enabling interoperability across many games and blockchain systems.

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