The NEXT BULLRUN Crypto Added To 50X Portfolio - Secret Weapon

It’s 50X Portfolio Update time. Did your portfolio take a hit from this SEC nonsense? Ours did. But the important thing is to stay the course and work on your plan. My plan is to add 2 coins to my portfolio that will quickly rebound and will 20x from there in the coming bull run.

Which are these coins? Let’s take a look in our 50x portfolio.

Benchmark Performance

The FUD surrounding the SEC lawsuits against Coinbase and Binance is not affecting Bitcoin and Ethereum much. However, most of the rest of the market is suffering from this very short-term news event.

Our returns, since September, are still positive but less than it was in April. And we are trailing Bitcoin and Ethereum right now. Bitcoin and Ethereum are now at 32% and 35% ROI since late September. We are still in the positive but now we are at only 7.36%.

50x crypto portfolio

Source: Google Docs

The Binance lawsuit news is hurting our position in BNB for now. But we think it’s only temporary. MATIC is on the list of tokens the SEC thinks is a security so it could get delisted from US exchanges soon. We’ll see.

So that’s where we are now? How did we get here and what are we looking to add in the future? Let’s see. Let us know in the comments below if what you think we should add to our portfolio.

Losers & Winners

Right now, we only have 3 profitable positions out of 11. Those 3 in order of ROI:

  1. Lukso.
  2. Bitcoin.
  3. The Graph.

The big change from our last update in April is in 2 of our 3 biggest positions. BNB and MATIC. We went from making money to losing 6.1% and 1.1% respectively. We gave back all those profits (for now) and are at a slight loss in these positions.

Our biggest loss at -38%, and the most concerning is Moonbeam.  It’s gone nothing but down from the day we added it even though we don’t see anything wrong with their fundamentals. In fact, momentum for Polkadot projects is on the rise. But Moonbeam has not taken advantage of that yet. We do still like it but we are watching and waiting.

Adding 2 BRC-20 to Our Radar

It’s hard to write anything about crypto so far this spring without talking about Ordinals and BRC-20 tokens. We are not adding one just yet. We are watching the sector to see how it does. And while we do, here are two that are on our radar that we could add soon:

  1. ORDI.
  2. CNCL.

We’ve talked about $ORDI in the previous video and its potential as a BRC-20 payment token. Also, it’s the first Ordinal project. But $CNCL, otherwise known as The Council, just came on our radar.

The Ordinals Council is a group of more than 28 founders and investors in Bitcoin and the BRC-20 ecosystem. They want to see it grow. They are behind Toshipad, which is the first BRC-20 launchpad. They are also working on an airdrop and CEX listing to make buying easier.


Source: Twitter

With a super limited supply of only 10,000, not many come onto the market at the top 2 BRC-20 marketplaces at any given time. It has a low market value of a little over $2 million so it’s definitely a high-risk/high-reward play but it could be a good bet on the success of BRC 20. That’s why it’s on our radar. We will watch to see how it does in the coming weeks.

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