The Top 2 Projects in Avax That We Are Monitoring

In the Altcoin Buzz research area, we are looking for new gems with good fundamentals and a low marketcap.

If you want to see more analysis like this one, you can subscribe to Altcoin Buzz Alpha. Now, let’s explore these are two very interesting Avalanche projects:

1) Beam

Beam is a pioneering blockchain platform with a vision to revolutionize the gaming industry by embracing a chain-agnostic approach. Initially launched as a subnet on Avalanche, Beam has expanded its horizons to include the Immutable zkEVM, collaborating closely with industry leaders like Immutable and Polygon Labs.

At its core, Beam offers Sphere, a comprehensive marketplace tailored for gamers, facilitating seamless trade and interaction with in-game assets. Beam simplifies game development and empowers gamers with true digital ownership. Here are some important related info:

Sector: Gaming Infrastructure



Marketcap: $945M

Listed: Binance

More About Beam

Here are the key features:

  • Chain-Agnostic: Beam, which is part of the Avalanche Subnet, is expanding to a multi-chain approach, including the Immutable zkEVM.
  • Collaboration with Immutable and Polygon Labs: Beam’s marketplace, Sphere, will play a crucial role in both the Immutable and Polygon ecosystems.
  • Sphere – The Eternal Marketplace: Sphere will integrate parts of the Beam SDK into the Immutable and Polygon ecosystems, leveraging the Immutable zkEVM and powered by Polygon for instant settlements and minimal fees.
  • Game Asset Tokenization: The marketplace aims to become a hub for in-game assets across various games, offering detailed information and trade capabilities.
  • Enhancements to Beam Product Suite:
    • Sphere: Integrates with the Immutable zkEVM protocol’s Orderbook.
    • Account Abstraction: Allows gamers to switch easily between games with a united profile.
    • Companion App: Manages game assets and integrates with the Immutable Passport.

2) Shrapnel

Shrapnel is a AAA first-person shooter game built on Unreal Engine 5.

  • Futuristic Setting: The game is set in the year 2044 with an engaging post-apocalyptic theme. Science Fiction cyberpunk games do well generally.
  • Immersive Gameplay: intense PvP environment with strategic playstyles.
  • NFT: Allows for in-game content creation and ownership.
  • Diverse Matchmaking Options: NFT and non-NFT players can play the game.

You can follow its Twitter. It was included in Alpha List: High FDV – around $900M.

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