These 3 Altcoins will Pump HARD within 30 days of Bitcoin's Rally

We are getting set for what will be an unprecedented rally. And as usual, the spotlight is on Bitcoin. Don’t take my word for it. Financial research firm Bernstein recently revealed an incoming Bitcoin rally, slow but steady. And when that happens. We’ll see prices go through the roof.

Unlike previous rallies, which were led by retail investors, this time around. We will see institutional investors take the lead. There are several reasons to believe that a Bitcoin rally is on its way and some altcoins will boost its price. Here are three of them:

  1. Grayscale’s victory against the SEC has set the pace for a bullish run.
  2. The race to launch a Bitcoin ETF. We believe that the SEC could mostly approve a spot ETF this year.
  3. Incoming regulatory clarity.

If Bitcoin rallies, all altcoins usually pump too but some pump too hard. Which one will do that in this Bullrun. That’s what I’ll show you in this article. Let’s go.

1) ETH

The first coin on my list is ETH. Many people think Ethereum and Bitcoin are two big rivals. But that’s not true. Instead, they share a complementary relationship. Historical data tells us that Bitcoin rallies often lead to a pump in the ETH price. Ethereum is the unofficial altcoin gatekeeper. Once Bitcoin gets in the mood, Ethereum is often the first altcoin to dance to that music. 

Ethereum is the second-largest cryptocurrency by market cap. And institutional investors are already showing interest in it. Most people see Ethereum as a legacy coin. This means, like Bitcoin, Ethereum is a good long-term investment. We also believe that there’ll be massive growth for some of the Dapps on Ethereum. So, it’s time to keep your sights on Ethereum.

Before I move to the next 2 coins. Let’s share an interesting passive income-generating opportunity for you even coins like Bitcoin.

If have already watched our video about this, you can use the timestamp to skip to Coin #2.


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3) Oasis Network

Oasis is one of our favorite privacy crypto projects. And it’s also one of the few altcoins that have managed to impress during this bear market. So, Oasis is already emerging as a top project for DeFi protocols with its privacy-enhancing features. This project is not only supplies much-needed privacy to DeFi protocols, but it also provides other services that bring scalability to DeFi.

DeFi is going to take center stage in the coming bull run, which, as we know, will be driven by Bitcoin. So, projects that will see a huge price surge are those with strong use cases and good partnerships behind them. Oasis already has a thriving ecosystem of contributors and partners. Some of the notable ones include:

  • BMW Group.
  • Chainlink.
  • Balancer.
  • A16z.
  • Pantera, among others.

Let’s talk about some of the problems that Oasis seeks to solve:

1) Congestion: The technical nature of early projects like Ethereum meant congestion would be a huge challenge. Oasis solves this by separating execution from consensus. This way, it provides scalability, low latency, and lower fees.

2) Data control: Data is one of the biggest topics in today’s world. People are tired of giants like Facebook taking and selling their data with little privacy. 

The Oasis Network uses tokenized data to return control to regular users. Tokenized data means you have control of the data you generate. You can also decide how to use this information. You can sell it and monetize it via staking protocols. This model topples that of existing Web2 companies. So, in summary, we can say Oasis gives you. Privacy and earning opportunities.

3) SingularityNet

Once the Bitcoin rally begins, SingularityNet is one of the altcoins that will see a matching surge. SingularityNet has a pretty solid use case. It operates an AI marketplace where anyone can create, monetize, and share their services with ease.

Earlier this year, we saw the rise of AI crypto tokens. And that trend hasn’t died off yet. Once the rally begins, people will turn to cheaper altcoins with solid long-term potential. And SingularityNet is one of the best options.

Anyone can use its marketplace to access AI services. Payment is done with the AGIX token. Marketplaces in general tend to perform well. Take Fiverr, for example, or OpenSea. And so far, SingularityNet is arguably the leading AI crypto marketplace.

The potential for growth is solid. Here’s an interesting fact. SingularityNet’s ICO raised around $36 million in under one minute in 2017. Wow, that was quick. Let me mention that investors have been following this project for more than 5 years. 

SingularityNet simply wants to ensure that developing AI services is simple. The future of developers will depend on this platform. Since it enables them to profit from their skills,

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